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Blog Posts in November, 2014

Picking the Right Lighting for Your New Pool

When you are installing a new pool in your Orange County home, one of your most important decisions will be deciding what kind of lighting you will need. Oliveira Pool Plastering provides first-class ...
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A Look at Some Popular Swimming Pool Design Trends

Trends tend to accentuate the advantages of certain types of swimming pools for specific environments or circumstances. If you are thinking about a pool installation in Orange County, consider what ...
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Creating a Safety Checklist for Your Pool

If you are considering new pool construction in Orange County, Oliveira Pool Plastering is the company to call. We have offered swimming pool installation and pool remodeling services to Orange County ...
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Design Ideas for Your Pool Installation

Your Orange County pool design may allow you to completely revamp your yard and your home. From tiles to coping to water features, there are plenty of ways you can make your pool truly your own. Watch ...
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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pool Deck Layout

At Oliveira Pool Plastering, we can perform decking, pool finishing, and pool tiling in Orange County to make your swimming pool and backyard look incredible. We can even install LED pool lighting. ...
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Choosing Equipment for Your Pool

In order to get the most out of your Orange County swimming pool, you must use the proper equipment. This will keep your swimming pool as safe, sanitary, and relaxing as possible. Read on to learn how ...
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A Quick Look at Your Pool Finish Options

Pools have evolved in the last couple of decades. No longer are swimming pools made only of white plaster, which shows every speck of dirt on the bottom of the pool. Today's pools feature pool ...
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Energy-Saving Tips for Your New Pool

Recent years have seen a more conscious effort from homeowners to reduce energy use in order to protect the environment and save money. These efforts have often been applied to swimming pools in ...
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