• Staying Safe When You Clean Your Pool

    Swimming pool maintenance is something that every pool owner should learn how to do. Taking care of your own pool will save you money and make you more knowledgeable about how your pool works. However, there are some steps you need to take to stay safe while cleaning your swimming pool. For instance, before you attempt to inspect the pool filter, bleed the pressure in the system to prevent injury. You should also wear slip-resistant shoes or sandals when working around the pool, as slip and fall injuries are common on wet pool tile and decking.

    If pool maintenance was never important to you in the past, your swimming pool may show it. Fortunately, a swimming pool replastering company in Orange County can have your pool looking and feeling like new in no time! Contact a swimming pool contractor in your area to learn more about your replastering and remodeling options.

  • The Steps of Designing Your New Swimming Pool

    A swimming pool is a big investment, not to mention a big part of your backyard landscape. Indeed, swimming pools often serve as the focal point of most backyards, which means you should take extra care when designing your custom swimming pool. Once the design is set and the plans are in place with your Orange County swimming pool contractor , it can be difficult (and expensive) to change your mind, so use this article as a guide as you start to design the custom swimming pool you’ve always wanted.

    Start an Inspiration Folder
    When remodeling your home, one of the first things your interior designer or contractor will ask is to see pictures of room designs that you like. This same concept works for swimming pool designs , as well. A picture folder will give you and your swimming pool contractor a better idea of which features and materials are preferred, as well as the size and shape of the pool itself.

    Swimming Pool Design Orange County

    Create a Wish List
    After you’ve compiled a decent amount of pictures, look over them and write down every feature that you wish your swimming pool could have. Don’t worry about costs at this point, as this is simply a way for you to brainstorm features you like best. Once your wish list is complete, you can go through and eliminate items that won’t work because of the size of your pool or your budget.

    Make a Hose Layout
    A hose layout is a simple way to get a feel for how much space your swimming pool will take up and how different shapes and layouts will work with your current landscape. Drag and place your longest gardening hoses on the ground in the area where your pool will be, creating a layout of how your pool will look. Take pictures of what works and what doesn’t to show to your swimming pool installation company.

  • The Hottest Trends in Swimming Pool Design [Infographic]

    Having your very own pool at your house can make coming home after a long day at work even more rewarding. Whether you are thinking of remodeling your pool area or considering new pool construction near Orange County , pay attention to the latest trends in swimming pool design to transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis. At-home resorts have become popular in recent years, and can incorporate features like waterfalls, waterslides, and an attached spa so you don’t have to leave home to feel like you’re on vacation. You can also get the most out of your oasis with LED pool lighting, which makes your backyard safer and more aesthetically pleasing at night, and automated pool controls. Check out this infographic to learn more about the hottest trends in pool design, and start picturing your new backyard sanctuary.

    Swimming Pool Design Orange County

  • Tips for Caring for Your Swimming Pool Plaster

    Pool Plaster Orange County

    Knowing how to care for your new pool plaster will ensure years of use and long lasting beauty. After the pool is filled, the main objectives of plaster care are to balance pH, total alkalinity and hardness levels, and to remove the plaster scale created by fresh plaster and water. Ask your pool construction contractor in Orange County for specific advice regarding pool chemistry. A basic swimming pool cleaning kit (extendable pole, nylon brush, skimmer net, vacuum hose, brush-style vacuum head, etc.) will also help you preserve the cosmetic appearance of the plaster.

    Whether you are having a brand-new swimming pool installed or your old swimming pool is being replastered, your Orange County pool contractor can give you more specific tips and advice for keeping your pool looking and performing great for many years to come.

  • Maintaining Your Pool Filter

    The pool filter plays a critical role in keeping your swimming pool water looking and feeling its best, which is why you should include pool filter maintenance as part of your normal pool care routine. For starters, take note of the filter’s pressure gauge when it is new. As the filter removes debris in the water, the filter slowly gets clogged with debris and the PSI rises. When PSI rises by 25% over your starting pressure it’s time to remove the filter and either clean it or replace it with a new filter.

    Watch this video for more tips on maintaining your pool filter. If your Orange County swimming pool contractor hasn’t yet broke ground on your new pool, be sure to ask him to show you where the filter is located and how to remove the cowling to clean and inspect the filter.