The Steps of Designing Your New Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a big investment, not to mention a big part of your backyard landscape. Indeed, swimming pools often serve as the focal point of most backyards, which means you should take extra care when designing your custom swimming pool. Once the design is set and the plans are in place with your Orange County swimming pool contractor , it can be difficult (and expensive) to change your mind, so use this article as a guide as you start to design the custom swimming pool you’ve always wanted.

Start an Inspiration Folder
When remodeling your home, one of the first things your interior designer or contractor will ask is to see pictures of room designs that you like. This same concept works for swimming pool designs , as well. A picture folder will give you and your swimming pool contractor a better idea of which features and materials are preferred, as well as the size and shape of the pool itself.

Swimming Pool Design Orange County

Create a Wish List
After you’ve compiled a decent amount of pictures, look over them and write down every feature that you wish your swimming pool could have. Don’t worry about costs at this point, as this is simply a way for you to brainstorm features you like best. Once your wish list is complete, you can go through and eliminate items that won’t work because of the size of your pool or your budget.

Make a Hose Layout
A hose layout is a simple way to get a feel for how much space your swimming pool will take up and how different shapes and layouts will work with your current landscape. Drag and place your longest gardening hoses on the ground in the area where your pool will be, creating a layout of how your pool will look. Take pictures of what works and what doesn’t to show to your swimming pool installation company.

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