• Exciting Water Features for Your New Swimming Pool

    The great thing about living in California is that a swimming pool is usable year-round. If you want to renovate your swimming pool or install one with the latest water features in Orange County , contact Oliveira Pool Plastering. Here are just a few of the water features we can add to your swimming pool.

    Beach Entry
    One of the most stunning water features for any pool is the beach entry. A beach entry is when your pool deck gradually slopes into the swimming pool, providing a surface that makes it very easy to walk right into the water. A gradually sloping entry into the pool mimics the edge of a natural body of water, which is a unique touch that you, your family, and your guests will love.

    Nothing beats a waterfall for producing the ideal swimming pool design . The sound and landscape create a serenity that’s hard to match. A waterfall looks good in any type of swimming pool, whether you’re going for a tropical, Mediterranean, or an understated theme.

    Hot Tub
    Did you know you can add an integrated hot tub to your swimming pool? While some people prefer the look of an integrated hot tub that’s connected to the swimming pool, others prefer a hot tub that is built into the pool deck, but separated from the swimming pool. In any case, having a hot tub makes the pool area usable and enjoyable year-round.

    Vanishing Edge
    Also called a zero edge, negative, or infinity-edge pool, a vanishing-edge pool makes it look like the water in your pool is flowing to the horizon. To create this effect, your pool installation team will construct one edge of the pool lower than the water level. Then, a catch basin is placed below, which catches and recirculates the water. Just keep in mind that a waterfall can have a negative impact on the visual effect of a vanishing edge pool, so most homeowners choose one or the other.

  • Tips for Financing Your Swimming Pool Project

    A project that is driven by passion and creativity should not be limited by expenses. This is why you should consider financing your Orange County pool remodeling or installation. Here is a look at a few tips for financing your swimming pool project .

    You may have an image of your dream swimming pool in your mind; you can see the brick coping, the finished tiles, or the dazzling water features. Fortunately, you do not have to provide cash up-front to realize your dream. Financing allows you to achieve this pool with freedom and flexibility. In addition, it may add substantial value to your home in the event that you put it on the market. When it comes to financing your pool project, it is wise to work with banks or lenders who are familiar with swimming pool loans because it can expedite the process and work well for both of the involved parties.

    If you cannot afford to build your ideal pool right away, consider financing. This will allow you to increase your property value as well as your ability to relax at home. Talk to a lender who is experienced with swimming pool loans.

    Swimming Pool Financing Orange County

  • Factors to Consider When Building a Pool

    Swimming pools are a great way for families to have fun in the warmer months. But they can also be a lot of work. At Oliveira Pool Plastering, a leading swimming pool contractor in Orange County , we recommend watching this video clip for a summary of some factors to consider when building a pool.

    Swimming pool size is an important consideration. You should make your swimming pool large enough for your family size—any larger, and you will probably grow tired of the maintenance required to keep it clean and attractive. Vacuuming the pool floor, balancing chemicals, and checking the pump must be done on a weekly basis during swimming pool season. It’s also important to choose your swimming pool installation company wisely. A reputable pool installation company will have at least 30 years of experience and several attractive financing options for their customers.

  • The Advantages of LED Lighting for Your Pool

    There are many things that may make your Orange County swimming pool stand out; it may be the coping, the tiles, the finish, or the installation itself. It may also be LED pool lighting. Keep reading to learn about a few of the many advantages of LED lighting for your pool.

    One of the most prominent advantages of LED pool lighting is the brilliant visual presence it can bring to your pool. If you want to create a truly relaxing environment for your pool area, LED lights can help you pull it off. Instead of swimming in a pool lit with weak white or yellow light, consider the aesthetics of a nighttime dip in a vibrant orange pool. The strong colors are not limited to inside the pool; you can also highlight water features or the surrounding pool area.

    LED Pool Lighting Orange County

    Energy Savings
    In addition to being a beautiful focal point, LED lights can provide substantial energy savings. In stark contrast to the 500 watts that incandescent bulbs may use per hour, LED lights use a measly 20 to 50 watts. This means that for many homeowners, LED lights will pay for themselves in as little as one year. These homeowners will also enjoy the savings benefits that come along with only needing to replace their bulbs every decade or so. Incandescent lights, on the other hand, need replacing after every 2,000 hours of use.

    When you light your pool installation with LED lights, you will be happy to experience the ease with which you can maintain and install them; this is quite the opposite of the experience that you will have in replacing incandescent bulbs. Plastic LED lights can work in a variety of different types of pools including gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass.

    You can add stunning colors to your backyard with LED lights that accentuate your water features, pool coping, or pool tile and finish. This choice can save you a substantial amount of money and even pay for itself over a brief period of time. LED lights last for many years and are easy to install.

  • A Look at the Advantages of Swimming Pool Automation

    At Oliveira Pool Plastering, we offer quality pool automation systems in Orange County . Our pool automation systems make it easier to adjust your pool’s features and lighting, and even perform diagnostics. To learn more about the benefits of switching to swimming pool automation, read this article.

    Swimming Pool Automation Orlando

    Simplified Construction
    Pool installation companies are finding that automated pool systems are very easy to implement, and because many pool projects feature a spa and deck design, centralizing control is becoming essential. Being able to run the wiring to one board saves both time and energy. A wireless pool automation system , in particular, is the easier type to install. It mitigates a great deal of wiring problems because don’t have to worry about running wires to the spa or into the house.

    Remote Monitoring
    Automatic reporting and remote access make it much easier for pool technicians to diagnose and fix problems without having to visit the swimming pool site, which greatly reduces the time and money involved in pool repair. Some of the latest automated systems come with cameras and uploadable applications, which make it easy for pool repair experts to problem solve. Automated systems also greatly reduce the possibility of human error.

    Improved Energy Efficiency
    The cost of electricity and water is increasing throughout the country. This is why pool builders and other experts believe this is an excellent time to take advantage of swimming pool automation systems that are linked to a variable-speed pump. In fact, switching to a pool automation and variable-speed pump system can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. The pool automation system lets you save energy by programming your pump for what you need, rather than letting the system run for a full time frame.

    Save Time
    Customers want automated systems because they save a great deal of time. With the price of self-managing pool automation systems decreasing, more customers than ever are switching. This allows homeowners to adjust the lights and water features from inside the home.

  • Essential Safety Tips for Your Home Pool

    Imagine taking only a few steps from your back door and diving into your very own swimming pool. A professionally designed swimming pool can keep you and your family cool on the warm summer days we experience here in Orange County, and it can even increase your home’s value. However, a swimming pool can also be dangerous if certain precautions are overlooked. Here are some essential safety tips for your new swimming pool.

    Stay Close and Be Alert
    A child can drown in a matter of minutes, so always watch your children when they are in or near your pool. If you have friends over and there are children in the pool, designate one of the adults to keep an eye on the swimmers. Keep a portable telephone or cellphone close by at all times in case you need to call 911 in a hurry.

    Pool Safety Orange County

    Walk, Don’t Run
    Pool decking can be slippery when wet, so always walk around the pool to avoid slip and fall injuries. Watch young children around the pool even if they aren’t swimming, as they can easily (and quietly) slip into the water.

    Be Smart Around Pool Features
    If your swimming pool has custom features such as a diving board, water slide, or fountain, make sure everyone knows how to properly use these features. The misuse of pool features is one of the leading causes of swimming pool accidents.

    Secure Your Pool
    This is perhaps the most important pool safety tip of all. You cannot keep an eye on your swimming pool at all times, but you can prevent your children or pets from swimming or playing around the pool while you aren’t watching with a few simple security measures. First, install a fence around your pool that is at least four-feet tall and has a self-closing, self-latching gate. Pool and spa covers can also prevent a tragedy should a child slip past the fence.

  • Tips for Choosing a Swimming Pool Construction Company

    Swimming pool construction is big business in Orange County, and there are dozens of pool construction companies to choose from. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean every pool contractor is as good as the next. Considering how big of an investment your new swimming pool is, you need to take your time in selecting the swimming pool construction company for the job. The following tips should help you narrow down the best pool contractors in Orange County and choose the one that’s right for you.

    Verify the Contractor’s License
    In California, any contracting job (including swimming pool construction) that costs $500 or more must be performed by a contractor who holds a current and valid contractor’s license. For swimming pool construction, the contractor must be licensed as a swimming pool specialty contractor. Before giving any pool construction company or contractor any money, verify the license and make sure that it is current and active. Swimming Pool Construction Orange County

    Get Referrals and References
    Ask your friends, family, and neighbors for referrals. You may also get referrals from trade associations or a swimming pool and spa association in Orange County. Once you have a list of referrals, ask each swimming pool construction company or contractor for references, preferably one current and one completed. When you call to talk with the reference about the job, ask how the project was handled and how satisfied they are with the company who built or is currently building their swimming pool.

    Request a Free Estimate
    Once you’ve identified the best swimming pool construction companies in Orange County , request a free estimate on your pool project. If the company doesn’t offer free estimates, ask them if the cost of the estimate will be applied to the construction of the swimming pool. But before you pay for an estimate, schedule a free, no-cost estimate with a company like Oliveira Pool Plastering to get a ballpark idea of what the project will cost.