Exciting Water Features for Your New Swimming Pool

The great thing about living in California is that a swimming pool is usable year-round. If you want to renovate your swimming pool or install one with the latest water features in Orange County , contact Oliveira Pool Plastering. Here are just a few of the water features we can add to your swimming pool.

Beach Entry
One of the most stunning water features for any pool is the beach entry. A beach entry is when your pool deck gradually slopes into the swimming pool, providing a surface that makes it very easy to walk right into the water. A gradually sloping entry into the pool mimics the edge of a natural body of water, which is a unique touch that you, your family, and your guests will love.

Nothing beats a waterfall for producing the ideal swimming pool design . The sound and landscape create a serenity that’s hard to match. A waterfall looks good in any type of swimming pool, whether you’re going for a tropical, Mediterranean, or an understated theme.

Hot Tub
Did you know you can add an integrated hot tub to your swimming pool? While some people prefer the look of an integrated hot tub that’s connected to the swimming pool, others prefer a hot tub that is built into the pool deck, but separated from the swimming pool. In any case, having a hot tub makes the pool area usable and enjoyable year-round.

Vanishing Edge
Also called a zero edge, negative, or infinity-edge pool, a vanishing-edge pool makes it look like the water in your pool is flowing to the horizon. To create this effect, your pool installation team will construct one edge of the pool lower than the water level. Then, a catch basin is placed below, which catches and recirculates the water. Just keep in mind that a waterfall can have a negative impact on the visual effect of a vanishing edge pool, so most homeowners choose one or the other.

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