The Advantages of LED Lighting for Your Pool

There are many things that may make your Orange County swimming pool stand out; it may be the coping, the tiles, the finish, or the installation itself. It may also be LED pool lighting. Keep reading to learn about a few of the many advantages of LED lighting for your pool.

One of the most prominent advantages of LED pool lighting is the brilliant visual presence it can bring to your pool. If you want to create a truly relaxing environment for your pool area, LED lights can help you pull it off. Instead of swimming in a pool lit with weak white or yellow light, consider the aesthetics of a nighttime dip in a vibrant orange pool. The strong colors are not limited to inside the pool; you can also highlight water features or the surrounding pool area.

LED Pool Lighting Orange County

Energy Savings
In addition to being a beautiful focal point, LED lights can provide substantial energy savings. In stark contrast to the 500 watts that incandescent bulbs may use per hour, LED lights use a measly 20 to 50 watts. This means that for many homeowners, LED lights will pay for themselves in as little as one year. These homeowners will also enjoy the savings benefits that come along with only needing to replace their bulbs every decade or so. Incandescent lights, on the other hand, need replacing after every 2,000 hours of use.

When you light your pool installation with LED lights, you will be happy to experience the ease with which you can maintain and install them; this is quite the opposite of the experience that you will have in replacing incandescent bulbs. Plastic LED lights can work in a variety of different types of pools including gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass.

You can add stunning colors to your backyard with LED lights that accentuate your water features, pool coping, or pool tile and finish. This choice can save you a substantial amount of money and even pay for itself over a brief period of time. LED lights last for many years and are easy to install.

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