Tips for Choosing a Swimming Pool Construction Company

Swimming pool construction is big business in Orange County, and there are dozens of pool construction companies to choose from. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean every pool contractor is as good as the next. Considering how big of an investment your new swimming pool is, you need to take your time in selecting the swimming pool construction company for the job. The following tips should help you narrow down the best pool contractors in Orange County and choose the one that’s right for you.

Verify the Contractor’s License
In California, any contracting job (including swimming pool construction) that costs $500 or more must be performed by a contractor who holds a current and valid contractor’s license. For swimming pool construction, the contractor must be licensed as a swimming pool specialty contractor. Before giving any pool construction company or contractor any money, verify the license and make sure that it is current and active. Swimming Pool Construction Orange County

Get Referrals and References
Ask your friends, family, and neighbors for referrals. You may also get referrals from trade associations or a swimming pool and spa association in Orange County. Once you have a list of referrals, ask each swimming pool construction company or contractor for references, preferably one current and one completed. When you call to talk with the reference about the job, ask how the project was handled and how satisfied they are with the company who built or is currently building their swimming pool.

Request a Free Estimate
Once you’ve identified the best swimming pool construction companies in Orange County , request a free estimate on your pool project. If the company doesn’t offer free estimates, ask them if the cost of the estimate will be applied to the construction of the swimming pool. But before you pay for an estimate, schedule a free, no-cost estimate with a company like Oliveira Pool Plastering to get a ballpark idea of what the project will cost.

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