A Look at Some Popular Swimming Pool Design Trends

Trends tend to accentuate the advantages of certain types of swimming pools for specific environments or circumstances. If you are thinking about a pool installation in Orange County, consider what works for other people. Keep reading to take a look at some popular swimming pool design trends.

While the prototype of a swimming pool was once a round or elongated oval of water tinted blue by its lining or tile, swimming pool design has come a long way. You can now have your pool in any shape or color that you desire. However, modern times see people gravitating towards neutral colors for their pools. White, beige, and blues are common choices, but if you would like a party atmosphere by night, there is an efficient option: LED lighting can light up your pool in a variety of colors for an exciting nighttime environment. Neutral colored pools will show these colors vibrantly instead of with conflict.

Pool Design Orange County

Another imperative component of pool design is the material of which the pool installment is made. Today’s trends tend to include glass and porcelain tiles. Glass tiles provide an excellent pool finish because they can accommodate the varying temperatures of the pool’s water and they can be used in different climates. On the other hand, porcelain is popular due to its ability to contribute to a nice aesthetic while being easier to install and maintain. Additionally, porcelain does not absorb heat or water, so it can be used efficiently from finish to coping.

The shape of your pool should be dependent on your purposes. Athletic types often like pool installations that provide plenty of room to do laps back and forth; they may also like a coping that dips over the edge of the pool to hang onto. Alternatively, children tend to enjoy round pools so they can play games and make whirlpools.

Modern swimming pools tend to make use of neutral colors, porcelain and glass tiles, and a variety of shapes. If you are looking into specific water features or coping, consider these trends; however, the choice is ultimately your own.

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