A Quick Look at Your Pool Finish Options

Pools have evolved in the last couple of decades. No longer are swimming pools made only of white plaster, which shows every speck of dirt on the bottom of the pool. Today’s pools feature pool tile and plaster. If you are looking into swimming pool installation or pool finishing in Orange County , get in touch with Oliveira Pool Plastering, a pool contractor with more than 37 years of experience. Here are some of the pool finish options we offer.

Traditional plaster, also called whitecoat or marcite, is the least expensive pool finish. It feels smooth under a swimmer’s feet but it isn’t the most durable pool finish—plastered pools need to be re-plastered every 8 to 12 years. Pebble Tec and beadcrete are more expensive, but they both last longer than plaster. Glass tile is by far the longest lasting pool finish option. Though it’s expensive, pool tile is beautiful.

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