Enhance Your Swimming Pool with These Unique Water Features

Whether you like it or not, your swimming pool is the focal point of your entire backyard. If your pool is rather plain, you might want to consider livening it up with a remodeling project. Replastering and retiling can make your old swimming pool look like new, and the addition of certain water features can give your pool a more striking aesthetic. Talk with your Orange County swimming pool contractor about enhancing your swimming pool with these unique water features.

Rain Curtain
If you have a cabana near your pool, extend the roof and pillars so you can install a rain curtain. Also known as a sheer descent, a rain curtain produces a fine wall of water. Rain curtains are extremely refreshing during the warmer months.

Natural Stone Waterfall
Depending on the landscape design around your pool, a natural stone waterfall can help to create a relaxing backyard oasis. Your pool contractor can help you design a natural stone formation that achieves beautiful and dramatic vertical drops.

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Poolside Baja Step
The Baja step is known by a number of other names, including the reef-step, the sun-shelf, and the tanning ledge. Whatever you call it, a Baja step provides a beach-like entry into your pool. Combined with other beachy elements, a poolside Baja step will help transform your backyard into a tropical getaway.

Swim-Up Bar
If you do a lot of entertaining, a swim-up bar is a must. Underwater barstools and a beautiful natural stone countertop provide true relaxation and the ultimate luxury touch. Combine cooking appliances behind the bar and you can serve full meals to your swimmers.

Twisting Pool Slide
Nothing says summer pool fun like a twisting pool slide. Even if you don’t have children, a pool slide is great fun for adults of all ages. Your Orange County pool contractor can help you design a fun pool slide and attractive landscape to match.

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