Tips for Painting Pool Coping

Coping joins the deck with the pool wall. Because swimming pool coping runs along the edges of the pool, it is an important component of the overall aesthetic of your backyard oasis. Whether you’re installing a new pool or having your existing pool remodeled, dedicate time to thinking about what you want your pool coping to look like. If you decide to paint your pool coping to give your backyard a fresh look, the following painting tips will help you achieve professional-looking results.

Swimming Pool Coping Orange County

Select the Right Paint
You can’t use just any paint on your pool’s coping. Water-based acrylic paint is suitable for most pool surfaces and has a lifespan of approximate two years. Chlorinated rubber-based paint lasts approximately three to five years on pool surfaces. Epoxy paint is the longest lasting and the most durable against pool chemicals and UV rays. Your Orange County pool company can help you select the right paint for your swimming pool coping.

Prep the Coping
Before applying the paint, make sure the pool coping is ready for painting. Make any necessary repairs in the coping by filling cracks with pool patch material. Paint adheres better to a clean surface, so scrub the swimming pool coping before applying paint. Using a pressure washer is the best way to remove deep-down dirt and cracked, peeling paint chips.

Painting Tips
After the coping is prepped and cleaned, apply the paint early in the morning or in the evening when temperatures are cooler, especially here in Orange County where mid-day temperatures normally exceed 90 degrees. Use painter’s tape to keep the edge of the coping straight and to keep paint off pool fixtures such as ladders and diving boards. A paintbrush or a 3/8 th inch nap roller are best for applying paint to swimming pool coping.

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