Understanding the Pool Installation Process

A pool installation in Orange County can be an exciting time for any family. It is important that your pool design is well thought out so that it can be installed efficiently. Keep reading for help in understanding the pool installation process.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the pool installation process is planning. This must come before any successful installation. The planning stage is comprised of deciding on how you want your pool laid out, what kind of water features you want, and what you want the pool to be made of, from the lining to the coping. Tile is a popular pool finish. In addition to these factors, you must choose the right pool contractor to ensure that the job is done well.

Pool Installation Orange County

Digging and Outlining
Once the area where your pool will be installed is marked, a hole will be dug in the area. Once the area is excavated, wall panels will be put up and the pool kit will be assembled. Your contractor will make sure that the walls of your pool are all built to the same height and are completely level with each other. Braces will be erected to support the sides of the pool and extra components such as walk-in units are added.

Pouring and Constructing
When these factors have come together, concrete will be poured upon each of the braces that support the walls of the pool. These braces will receive additional support from a concrete collar. At this point, your plumbing and electrical systems will be put in place and the floor of your pool will be smoothed out using trowels. Sometimes, the floor of the pool will be covered with cement. After the coping is installed and the inside is ready, the pool will be filled with water and the area beyond the walls of the pool will be filled with dirt.

Planning your pool installation thoroughly is crucial. Choose your tile or other finish and a competent contractor. The area will be excavated, walls will be constructed, and the lining will be inserted; once this is done, you can enjoy your pool.

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