Caring for Your Pool Tiles

Tile is a very popular choice for interior pool finishes . Not only is tile very durable, but tile can be arranged into any pattern you like and is very gentle on swimmers’ feet. After your pool tiles are installed, you want make sure to keep up with maintenance and repairs to avoid having to retile your entire swimming pool. Have your Orange County pool contractor remove and replace broken tiles so as not to disturb or damage adjacent tiles. As for what you can do yourself, follow these pool tile maintenance tips to keep your pool tiles looking great.

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Maintain Proper Water Chemistry
The best and easiest way to ensure a long life for pool tiles is to maintain the proper water chemistry inside your swimming pool. A level between -0.5 and 0.5 on the Langelier Saturation Index (a measure of the water’s balance) should be maintained at all times. Water that is too low on the LSI corrodes grout and loosens pool tiles, while water that is too high leaves behind unsightly mineral deposits and scale. Maintaining proper water chemistry is also beneficial for other parts of the pool, including filters and pumps.

Prevent Scale
It’s not uncommon for deposits of calcium, lime, and other minerals to develop on pool tiles, especially in areas of hard water or when the water chemicals are out of balance. To help prevent scale deposits, brush pool tile weekly with a soft brush that won’t scratch the tile or grout. A pumice stone can be used to remove scale deposits from waterline pool tiles. If mineral buildup becomes a large problem, call in a professional pool cleaner in Orange County to use one of several blasting techniques to remove stubborn scale. Depending on the condition of the tile, you should also receive an estimate on retiling your swimming pool.

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