Current Trends in Pool Plaster Finishes

Pool owners have many choices for their pool finishes. One of the most popular options is plaster. While plaster is perhaps the simplest and most affordable finishing option for your custom in-ground swimming pool, that doesn’t mean plaster is short on style or aesthetics. In fact, you can find many different types of pool plaster finishes in Orange County to suit your style and elevate the look and feel of your swimming pool. Here’s a look at some of the hottest trends in pool plaster finishes to help you pick the right finish for your pool.

Pool Plaster Finishes in Orange County

White Pool Plaster
A combination of white cement and white marble aggregate, white pool plaster offers the classic swimming pool look. In fact, many commercial swimming pools are required by national building codes to have white plaster only. Although white plaster is very inexpensive and easy to install, it is a “soft” finish that is more susceptible to the effects of water chemistry compared to other pool finishes.

Colored Plaster
If you want to transform your swimming pool into a stunning focal point and conversation piece, ask your Orange County pool contractor about colored plaster finishes. Colored plaster is simply white plaster with dye added to the mix. A great variety of colors are available, each of which can have a unique effect on the look of your swimming pool. As an added bonus, dark colored plastered can help warm your pool in the summer while also providing a dramatic finishing touch.

Crushed Quartz Additives
For added strength and texture, crushed quartz additives can be added to the plaster mixture before application. A quartz additive can extend the life of plaster to 15 or 20 years. Crushed quartz additives also come in smooth or slip-resistant finishes, allowing you to achieve the perfect underfoot feel.

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