• Ideas for Your Pool Decking

    Remodeling your swimming pool is about more than installing new pool coping and having the interior refinished or replastered. If you really want to transform the look and feel of your swimming pool, consider remodeling your pool decking. When considerately paired with surrounding landscaping and hardscaping, decking has the ability to turn a drab swimming pool into a luxurious resort-style getaway. Watch this video to learn about some of the most popular decking options and to get inspiration for your new pool deck!

    Talk with your Orange County pool remodeling contractor about your decking options. Depending on the type of coping and pool finish you choose, you may want to consider decking that either complements or contrasts the materials used in and around the swimming pool.

  • A Look at the Different Types of Pool Coping

    By definition, pool coping is the part of your swimming pool that separates the pool shell from the surrounding patio and landscaping. If you’re considering remodeling your pool before summer arrives, one of the fastest ways to transform the look of your in-ground pool is with new pool coping. A swimming pool contractor in Orange County can help you select the best type of coping for your pool, including:

    Poured Concrete
    For a clean, modern appearance, consider poured concrete coping along the edge of your pool. Poured concrete allows the coping to be one unbroken unit with the pool deck. Because there is no Pool Coping in Orange County break in the finish from the deck to the edge of the pool, poured concrete coping can help to make a small area around the pool look much bigger while giving the deck cleaner lines.

    Precast Concrete
    The most affordable type of pool coping, precast concrete coping is available in a wide range of textures, patterns, and colors to transform the look of your pool without spending a fortune on new coping. From an installation standpoint, precast concrete is also easier to install than poured concrete and natural stone coping, which means a faster job for your swimming pool contractor and even more savings for you.

    Natural Stone
    If you’re going for a natural look, complete your backyard oasis with natural stone coping. Flagstone, limestone, and other kinds of natural stone have a warm texture that’s difficult to replicate with precast concrete. Professional installation is most definitely recommended for natural stone coping.

    Remember, without quality pool coping your entire pool area will look off. A pool remodeling provider in Orange County can install pool coping that will instantly refresh the look and feel of your in-ground swimming pool.

  • Caring for Your Pool Plaster

    Whether you’ve recently had your old pool replastered or your new pool plastered for the very first time, knowing how to care for your pool finish will ensure years of use and long lasting beauty. For starters, brush the pool twice per day for the first week with a nylon-bristle brush to improve the quality of the plaster and prevent the build-up of calcium and other minerals in your pool water. Speaking of pool water, managing your pool’s pH levels is critical to the health of your plaster pool finish. Water that is below 7.0 can erode or remove the smooth patina from the plaster surface, while water that is above 8.0 can contribute to scale buildup and water stains.

    Your Orange County swimming pool contractor can give you more tips for caring for your new pool finish after the plaster is installed. You can also contact a pool finish company in your area to ask about plaster maintenance.

    Pool Finishing in Orange County

  • Spotlight on Your Pool Finish Options

    If you have an old, tired-looking swimming pool, give it new life with a new interior finish! A good pool finish can help bring your pool to life and even complement your landscaping and hardscaping. When you work with a pool finishing provider in Orange County , you can bring your vision to life thanks to a huge selection of pool finish colors, textures, and patterns. Before you get into the design aspect, decide what type of finish you want for your pool. Your pool finish options in Orange County include:

    Pool tile is incredibly durable and will likely never need to be replaced for as long as you own your property, so long as you trust the installation to an experienced pool contractor. Another advantage

    Pool Finishing Provider in Orange County

    to tile is that it’s incredibly low maintenance. There is also a rainbow of color choices and pool tiles can be arranged any way you can imagine for a truly custom interior pool finish.

    The “standard” interior pool finish, plaster is perhaps the simplest and most affordable option of them all. White plaster is the tried and true pool finish, but a wide selection of color and texture options allow you to add stylish flair to your swimming pool without breaking the bank. However, most plaster finishes need to be replaced every decade or so, which means the long-term costs can start to add up over the life of your pool.

    Aggregate Plaster
    One of the most popular finish options is aggregate plaster. Special colored ceramic aggregate products are mixed with plaster to add texture, color, and striking water effects. The right aggregate finish can even give your pool a shimmering, sea-like quality. On top of all that, this wonderful pool finish even makes for a slip-proof surface on the bottom of the pool.

  • Choosing Your Pool Coping

    Pool coping has a big impact on the style and appearance of your swimming pool. It can also make your pool area safer by delineating the pool and the patio and making the surface around the pool less slippery. The coping you choose for your pool will depend on a number of different factors, including your budget, your landscaping and hardscaping design, and the overall aesthetic of your swimming pool area.

    Watch this video for additional information about pool coping and how to select the right coping for your pool. Contact a pool contractor in Orange County to learn more about your pool coping options and to arrange a design consultation.

  • Essential Pool Safety Tips for Your Family

    New pool finishing or replastering can make your old swimming pool a lot more inviting, but with increased pool use comes a greater risk of tragedy. Accidents happen all the time, especially in swimming pools. Fortunately, most of the accidents that can happen in and around your pool can be avoided with some simple precautions. After your Orange County pool remodeling project is finished, practice these pool safety tips to protect your family and guests.

    Swim Lessons
    First and foremost, make sure your entire family knows how to swim. Even if you have teenagers who aren’t interested in swimming, they may be called on to save someone from the pool and will need to know how to swim. Swim lessons are especially important for young children as they are the most likely to accidently fall in when no one is looking.

    Orange County Pool Remodeling

    No Running
    Pool decking can be very slippery when wet, so make a house rule that no one is allowed to run around the pool at any time, even if the decking is dry. A slip and fall accident can be painful enough, but when it involves falling into a pool the results can be downright tragic.

    Good Lighting
    Pool lighting is one of the most important safety components you can add to your swimming area. In addition to path lighting and motion-activated flood lights, install underwater lighting and put it on a timer so you can easily peer out into the night and see if anyone is swimming when they aren’t supposed to be.

    Fenced In
    One of the best preventative steps you can take is to install pool fencing around your swimming area. Make sure to remove obstacles, toys, and furniture along the fence that can be used as a boost. You should also install a self-closing, self-latching pool gate and a motion-activated alarm system that can alert you to pool activity when no one is watching the pool.

  • Lighting Ideas for Your Pool

    If you have an old pool, a few simple additions can completely transform the look and feel of your swimming area. In addition to pool coping and water features, pool lighting is one of the best ways to breathe new life into an old pool. The right pool lighting can create the perfect mood for nighttime swimming while also increasing pool safety after dark.

    Inside the pool, fiber optic lights add colorful, whimsical drama to your pool area. Underwater lights can also make night swimming safe while adding lots of visual interest to your pool surface. Spotlights around the pool coping can be used to draw attention to specific pool or landscape features. Your Orange County swimming pool contractor can help you select the perfect lighting to transform the look of your pool.

    Pool Lighting in Orange County

  • Revamp Your Backyard with Pool Redesign [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Could your backyard and pool area use a facelift? The good news is that you can get a brand new look without the expense and hassle of installing a new pool with pool remodeling. A few updates are all it takes to make your old pool look like new again and your backyard look more inviting. One simple way to update the look of your pool is to change your pool coping. If you have concrete pool coping that is looking worse for the wear, try natural stone coping for an updated look. You can also have replastering done to cover signs of aging or LED pool lighting added so your pool becomes a gorgeous focal point of your backyard design. Get more insight into pool redesign in this infographic from Oliveira Pool Plastering Inc . Use this information for inspiration for your own backyard redesign, and please share this advice with your fellow pool owners.

    Pool Infographic

  • A Closer Look at Pool Tiles

    The role of tile in swimming pools began exclusively as a water line accent. Today, pool tiles are used to cover every square inch of a pool’s interior surface. Compared to other pool finish options, tile offers the most room for customization and artistic expression. That’s because pool tiles come in a wide array of colors, textures, and patterns, and the tiles themselves can be arranged into innumerable different patterns and mosaics. Contact a swimming pool contractor in Orange County to learn more about pool tiling , are simply read on.

    Tile Material
    Tiles designated for swimming pools are their own exclusive category compared to tiles used anywhere else. Because pools contain heavily treated water and are exposed to a wide range of temperatures, pool tiles are specially manufactured to withstand the abuse. Ceramic pool tile is the Pool Tiling in Orange County classic choice, but glass tile is the hottest new trend in luxury pools and pool remodeling in Orange County. Your pool remodeler can help you select the right material for your needs.

    Color Choices
    Pool tiles are available in a wide array of colors, which means you can accomplish virtually any look and theme you want with your new pool finish. You can even mix and match different colors for a fun and inviting tile mosaic pool bottom. If you have a shallow pool, avoid using dark colors for the base since it will make it harder to discern the true depth of the pool.

    Tile Arrangement
    How you arrange your tiles is just as important as the colors, textures, and patterns you choose. Work closely with an experienced pool contractor in Orange County to come up with a unique design that speaks to your personal tastes and artistic preferences. You can even design pool tiles in such a way that creates sea life portraits underwater for a truly remarkable swimming experience.