A Closer Look at Pool Tiles

The role of tile in swimming pools began exclusively as a water line accent. Today, pool tiles are used to cover every square inch of a pool’s interior surface. Compared to other pool finish options, tile offers the most room for customization and artistic expression. That’s because pool tiles come in a wide array of colors, textures, and patterns, and the tiles themselves can be arranged into innumerable different patterns and mosaics. Contact a swimming pool contractor in Orange County to learn more about pool tiling , are simply read on.

Tile Material
Tiles designated for swimming pools are their own exclusive category compared to tiles used anywhere else. Because pools contain heavily treated water and are exposed to a wide range of temperatures, pool tiles are specially manufactured to withstand the abuse. Ceramic pool tile is the Pool Tiling in Orange County classic choice, but glass tile is the hottest new trend in luxury pools and pool remodeling in Orange County. Your pool remodeler can help you select the right material for your needs.

Color Choices
Pool tiles are available in a wide array of colors, which means you can accomplish virtually any look and theme you want with your new pool finish. You can even mix and match different colors for a fun and inviting tile mosaic pool bottom. If you have a shallow pool, avoid using dark colors for the base since it will make it harder to discern the true depth of the pool.

Tile Arrangement
How you arrange your tiles is just as important as the colors, textures, and patterns you choose. Work closely with an experienced pool contractor in Orange County to come up with a unique design that speaks to your personal tastes and artistic preferences. You can even design pool tiles in such a way that creates sea life portraits underwater for a truly remarkable swimming experience.

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