Caring for Your Pool Plaster

Whether you’ve recently had your old pool replastered or your new pool plastered for the very first time, knowing how to care for your pool finish will ensure years of use and long lasting beauty. For starters, brush the pool twice per day for the first week with a nylon-bristle brush to improve the quality of the plaster and prevent the build-up of calcium and other minerals in your pool water. Speaking of pool water, managing your pool’s pH levels is critical to the health of your plaster pool finish. Water that is below 7.0 can erode or remove the smooth patina from the plaster surface, while water that is above 8.0 can contribute to scale buildup and water stains.

Your Orange County swimming pool contractor can give you more tips for caring for your new pool finish after the plaster is installed. You can also contact a pool finish company in your area to ask about plaster maintenance.

Pool Finishing in Orange County

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