Essential Pool Safety Tips for Your Family

New pool finishing or replastering can make your old swimming pool a lot more inviting, but with increased pool use comes a greater risk of tragedy. Accidents happen all the time, especially in swimming pools. Fortunately, most of the accidents that can happen in and around your pool can be avoided with some simple precautions. After your Orange County pool remodeling project is finished, practice these pool safety tips to protect your family and guests.

Swim Lessons
First and foremost, make sure your entire family knows how to swim. Even if you have teenagers who aren’t interested in swimming, they may be called on to save someone from the pool and will need to know how to swim. Swim lessons are especially important for young children as they are the most likely to accidently fall in when no one is looking.

Orange County Pool Remodeling

No Running
Pool decking can be very slippery when wet, so make a house rule that no one is allowed to run around the pool at any time, even if the decking is dry. A slip and fall accident can be painful enough, but when it involves falling into a pool the results can be downright tragic.

Good Lighting
Pool lighting is one of the most important safety components you can add to your swimming area. In addition to path lighting and motion-activated flood lights, install underwater lighting and put it on a timer so you can easily peer out into the night and see if anyone is swimming when they aren’t supposed to be.

Fenced In
One of the best preventative steps you can take is to install pool fencing around your swimming area. Make sure to remove obstacles, toys, and furniture along the fence that can be used as a boost. You should also install a self-closing, self-latching pool gate and a motion-activated alarm system that can alert you to pool activity when no one is watching the pool.

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