Spotlight on Your Pool Finish Options

If you have an old, tired-looking swimming pool, give it new life with a new interior finish! A good pool finish can help bring your pool to life and even complement your landscaping and hardscaping. When you work with a pool finishing provider in Orange County , you can bring your vision to life thanks to a huge selection of pool finish colors, textures, and patterns. Before you get into the design aspect, decide what type of finish you want for your pool. Your pool finish options in Orange County include:

Pool tile is incredibly durable and will likely never need to be replaced for as long as you own your property, so long as you trust the installation to an experienced pool contractor. Another advantage

Pool Finishing Provider in Orange County

to tile is that it’s incredibly low maintenance. There is also a rainbow of color choices and pool tiles can be arranged any way you can imagine for a truly custom interior pool finish.

The “standard” interior pool finish, plaster is perhaps the simplest and most affordable option of them all. White plaster is the tried and true pool finish, but a wide selection of color and texture options allow you to add stylish flair to your swimming pool without breaking the bank. However, most plaster finishes need to be replaced every decade or so, which means the long-term costs can start to add up over the life of your pool.

Aggregate Plaster
One of the most popular finish options is aggregate plaster. Special colored ceramic aggregate products are mixed with plaster to add texture, color, and striking water effects. The right aggregate finish can even give your pool a shimmering, sea-like quality. On top of all that, this wonderful pool finish even makes for a slip-proof surface on the bottom of the pool.

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