• A Look at LED Pool Lights

    When you embark on a pool installation project, your pool lights are a critical factor to consider. As you are shopping for pool lights for your swimming pool installation, you may want to consider LED pool lighting to highlight your water features. If you are interested in this pool feature, be sure to contact a company offering LED lighting in Orange County and watch this video clip.

    LED lights offer the brightness of traditional bulbs, but will last for much longer. In addition, you can choose LED lights that offer exciting features, such as colors and flashes. You can even enhance your pool installation with LED pool lights that are programmed to create a gorgeous light show.

  • Spotlight on Swimming Pool Water Features

    When you plan a new pool installation, you can enhance the design and functionality of your swimming pool with water features . During your pool installation project, you will have many types of water features to choose from. A gorgeous waterfall will create a romantic atmosphere for your pool, and will also create a focal point for your pool area. Other water features to consider for your swimming pool installation include fountains and spill over spas. A company offering pool automation systems in Orange County can help you choose the ideal water features for your new swimming pool design. To get to know the benefits of various swimming pool features, be sure to check out this video from Pool Moz.

  • Choosing Materials for Your Pool Deck

    Pool Remodeling in Orange County Your pool deck adds function, safety, and style to your pool area. When you embark on a pool remodeling project , it is a great idea to choose a pool deck surface that is non-slip, durable, and attractive. Decking for pools is available in a wide variety of materials, so you will need to select a product that is suited to your budget and personal preferences. A company offering pool tile, pool coping, and pool finishing in Orange County can work with you to help you create the perfect new deck for your swimming pool. To help you get started on your pool remodel, here are some tips for choosing materials for your pool deck.

    Consider Your Style
    When you are choosing materials for your pool deck , it is a great idea to choose a finishing product that provides versatility when it comes to decoration and style. For example, decorative concrete can be customized with special colors and treatments, which will allow your pool deck surface to make a bold statement about your personal style.

    Put Safety First
    Safety is a critical factor to consider when you are choosing materials for your pool deck. For example, if you have young children in your family, it is a good idea to select a pool deck material that will help to prevent slips and falls. In addition, you may also want to choose decking materials that are resistant to heat. On a hot, sunny day, heat-resistant decking will keep your little ones’ feet cool and comfortable.

    Look for Weather Resistance
    Since many pool decks are exposed to the natural elements, it is critical to choose deck materials that are resistant to freezing and other types of extreme weather. For example, some types of stone can be sensitive to harsh weather. On the hand, pavers are ideal in areas that experience a lot of soil movement, such as California.

  • The Essentials of Pool Safety

    A pool installation project will provide many opportunities for fun and relaxation for your entire family. However, safety must always be a priority when it comes to pools. A swimming pool contractor offering Orange County pool design can help you ensure that your pool is as safe as possible for your family.

    When you are preparing for a swimming pool installation at your home, it is critical to educate yourself and your loved ones about the essentials of swimming pool safety. For example, children should always have adult supervision when they are in or near the pool. In addition, rough play should be discouraged at all times around open water. Adults should be careful when they are enjoying alcoholic beverages in or around a pool or spa. In addition, your pool design should include safety features, such as a pool fence and non-slip decking. By including safety features in your pool installation or pool remodeling project, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved ones are safe and secure around your pool.

    Orange County Pool Design

  • Pool Coping 101

    When you are considering a pool replastering or remodeling project, you will need to keep many essential factors in mind. One of the most critical components of a pool’s construction is the pool coping . Pool coping is a term that is used to describe the materials at the edge of a swimming pool. By selecting new swimming pool coping that is both functional and attractive, you will be able to get the most out of your remodel. A company specializing in Orange County swimming pools will be able to answer all of your questions about pool coping. To help you get started on your selection, consider the following popular pool coping materials.

    Poured Concrete
    For several decades, poured concrete has been among the most popular types of pool coping . When coping is constructed from poured concrete, the edge of the pool will be made from a single, solid slab. This allows the

    Pool Coping in Orange County

    coping to blend seamlessly with the pool walls and the pool deck. In addition, poured concrete offers a modern and stylish look.

    Tiled Cantilever
    If you are seeking a Spanish style for your new swimming pool, you may want to consider tiled cantilever pool coping. With this type of coping, the edge of the pool will be adorned with decorative tile. The tile serves as a functional and stylish component of the pool surface. Overall, tiled cantilever pool coping is among the most popular and sought-after materials among home owners today.

    Natural Stone
    If you are seeking a luxurious and elegant appearance for your pool, you may want to explore your stone coping options. With natural stone coping, the edges of the pool are finished with gorgeous slabs of natural stone. In order to accommodate the unique shape of the pool, these slabs are custom cut for each project. Solid stone coping is a great complement to natural stone pool deck surfaces.

  • Brushing Your Pool Tile

    After your pool installation in Orange County is complete, it is essential to take care of your pool finish with the proper techniques. For example, if your design includes pool tile, you will need to brush your pool tiling on a routine basis. When you are cleaning your pool tile , you will need to use a cleaning product that is specifically designed for use in pools. As you are scrubbing, you can work your way carefully around the edges of your pool. If needed in the future, your pool installation company can assist you with any pool repair and maintenance needs. To see the steps of brushing your pool tile, check out this video clip.

  • An In-Depth Look at Swimming Pool Finishes

    If your existing swimming pool is beginning to look dingy or dated, it may be time to consider a pool finishing project. By updating your pool finishing, you can provide your swimming pool with a fresh and stylish new look. In addition, a new pool finish can help ensure that your pool remains in great shape for many seasons to come. Before you call a company offering pool replastering near Orange County to schedule your project, consider the following swimming pool finishes so you can determine which one may be right for your pool.

    Standard White
    White plaster is the standard finish for many swimming pools and spas. This classic swimming pool finish will not go out of style, and will provide you with a durable and budget-friendly surface for your swimming pool. After the swimming pool has been refilled, the pool water will provide the white plaster with an inviting blue

    Pool Replastering Near Orange County


    Colored Plaster
    To provide your pool with an eye-catching and unique look, you may want to choose colored plaster for your finishing project. Like classic white plaster, colored plaster creates a highly durable and long-lasting pool surface. When you select colored plaster, however, you’ll have the ability to choose from a wide range of bright and subtle colors for your pool finish. Plaster additives can also be used to boost the strength and surface smoothness of your pool finish.

    Mixed Aggregate
    For an incredibly beautiful, unique, and luxurious pool finish, you may want to choose mixed aggregate. With mixed aggregate, you can add interest and variety to the surface of your pool using high-quality materials. For example, ceramic quartz aggregate can be used to add flecks of brilliant color to your pool. Another popular option is exposed aggregate products, such as river stone or tiny pebbles, which can give your pool a nature-inspired appearance.

  • Spotlight on Swimming Pool Styles

    A new swimming pool will create an inviting oasis in your backyard. As you are planning your pool installation, it is a great idea to do some research about the styles and pool finishing options that will be available to you. For help creating the perfect pool for your backyard, be sure to contact a company specializing in pool installation in Orange County .

    When you work with a pool design professional, you will have several different pool styles to choose from. If you are seeking a contemporary pool design, you may want to create a pool with sleek edges and modern features, such as natural stone decking. For a more classic pool design, you can opt for a pool that includes Mediterranean details, such as tile and water features, which will add Old World appeal to your backyard. For the ultimate backyard pool sanctuary, you can design a tropical pool oasis that includes LED pool lighting, a waterfall, and other premium features.

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  • Exploring Some Water Features for Your Pool Design

    If you are seeking a great way to beat the heat and make lasting memories with your family and friends this summer, you may want to consider a pool remodeling project . With pool remodeling, you can improve the quality and safety of your existing pool, while also adding some fun and stylish new features. For example, water features in your pool can enhance the beauty of your space, while also adding opportunities for excitement and play. A company offering Orange County pool finishing can help you select the perfect new features and elements for your swimming pool remodel. To help you get started, here is an overview of some great water features that you may want to include in your swimming pool. Pool Remodeling in Orange County

    Waterfalls are a majestic and elegant addition to any swimming pool. If you want to include a waterfall in your swimming pool remodel, you can work with your designer to create a water feature that has the beauty and appeal of a natural rock formation. For even more appeal, you can create a hidden grotto behind your falls.

    To provide your remodeled swimming pool with sophistication and beauty, you can consider incorporating a fountain into your design. Swimming pool fountains come in all shapes and sizes, from classic designs to more modern and contemporary styles. You can choose to have your fountain spouting from within your swimming pool, or you can expand your swimming pool area by creating a detached fountain design.

    Hot Tub
    A hot tub is a relaxing water feature that can create a spa-like atmosphere for your home pool. When you add a hot tub to your pool, you will make a space that is incredibly inviting for your family and guests. To add visual appeal to your spa and pool areas, you can choose to incorporate a spillover spa that blends seamlessly into your main pool space.