An In-Depth Look at Swimming Pool Finishes

If your existing swimming pool is beginning to look dingy or dated, it may be time to consider a pool finishing project. By updating your pool finishing, you can provide your swimming pool with a fresh and stylish new look. In addition, a new pool finish can help ensure that your pool remains in great shape for many seasons to come. Before you call a company offering pool replastering near Orange County to schedule your project, consider the following swimming pool finishes so you can determine which one may be right for your pool.

Standard White
White plaster is the standard finish for many swimming pools and spas. This classic swimming pool finish will not go out of style, and will provide you with a durable and budget-friendly surface for your swimming pool. After the swimming pool has been refilled, the pool water will provide the white plaster with an inviting blue

Pool Replastering Near Orange County


Colored Plaster
To provide your pool with an eye-catching and unique look, you may want to choose colored plaster for your finishing project. Like classic white plaster, colored plaster creates a highly durable and long-lasting pool surface. When you select colored plaster, however, you’ll have the ability to choose from a wide range of bright and subtle colors for your pool finish. Plaster additives can also be used to boost the strength and surface smoothness of your pool finish.

Mixed Aggregate
For an incredibly beautiful, unique, and luxurious pool finish, you may want to choose mixed aggregate. With mixed aggregate, you can add interest and variety to the surface of your pool using high-quality materials. For example, ceramic quartz aggregate can be used to add flecks of brilliant color to your pool. Another popular option is exposed aggregate products, such as river stone or tiny pebbles, which can give your pool a nature-inspired appearance.

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