Pool Coping 101

When you are considering a pool replastering or remodeling project, you will need to keep many essential factors in mind. One of the most critical components of a pool’s construction is the pool coping . Pool coping is a term that is used to describe the materials at the edge of a swimming pool. By selecting new swimming pool coping that is both functional and attractive, you will be able to get the most out of your remodel. A company specializing in Orange County swimming pools will be able to answer all of your questions about pool coping. To help you get started on your selection, consider the following popular pool coping materials.

Poured Concrete
For several decades, poured concrete has been among the most popular types of pool coping . When coping is constructed from poured concrete, the edge of the pool will be made from a single, solid slab. This allows the

Pool Coping in Orange County

coping to blend seamlessly with the pool walls and the pool deck. In addition, poured concrete offers a modern and stylish look.

Tiled Cantilever
If you are seeking a Spanish style for your new swimming pool, you may want to consider tiled cantilever pool coping. With this type of coping, the edge of the pool will be adorned with decorative tile. The tile serves as a functional and stylish component of the pool surface. Overall, tiled cantilever pool coping is among the most popular and sought-after materials among home owners today.

Natural Stone
If you are seeking a luxurious and elegant appearance for your pool, you may want to explore your stone coping options. With natural stone coping, the edges of the pool are finished with gorgeous slabs of natural stone. In order to accommodate the unique shape of the pool, these slabs are custom cut for each project. Solid stone coping is a great complement to natural stone pool deck surfaces.

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