• Maintenance Tips for Your Pool Coping

    If you are seeking a durable and attractive pool finish option, you may want to consider pool coping. When you choose pool coping during your pool installation, you can rest assured that your pool edges will remain in fantastic condition for many years to come. Swimming pool coping can be constructed from a variety of materials, including limestone, travertine, and more. A company specializing in pool replastering near Orange County can help you select the best pool coping material for your swimming pool. To help your coping last longer, there are several maintenance steps that you can follow. Here is a look at some essential maintenance tips to help you keep your pool coping in great shape.

    Pool Coping in Orange County

    Apply Sealant
    One of the best ways to maintain your pool coping is to apply a water-based sealant to your coping immediately after installation. A water-based sealant will provide an additional protective layer to your swimming pool edges, and will prevent staining and other appearance issues. With a breathable sealer, you can also rest assured that your coping will be fully resistant to shifting, cracks, and other problems.

    Clean Regularly
    In order to keep your pool coping in terrific shape, it is also a good idea to clean the surface of your coping on a routine basis. There are several cleaning procedures that are particularly important for preserving your coping. For example, during the fall months, you should make sure to sweep away dead leaves and other types of debris. In addition, a pH neutral cleaning product should be used on the surface of your coping.

    Check for Cracks
    Occasionally, swimming pool coping can develop tiny cracks or other maintenance issues. Cracking can be particularly prevalent when you open your pool for the start of the summer season. By checking for cracks, you will be able to schedule swimming pool repairs, before significant water damage can occur. Your swimming pool maintenance technician will be able to fully seal and repair any cracks or other forms of damage.

  • The Importance of High-Quality Pool Coping

    Pool coping is an essential part of the pool installation process. This material is used to create a safe and functional edge to your swimming pool. When you are planning on installing pool coping, you should be sure to choose a highly rated swimming pool contractor that offers the best swimming pool coping materials. There are several reasons why high-quality pool coping is of the utmost importance for your pool installation. Since pool coping creates the edging between your pool deck and your pool, it can enhance the safety of your pool area. In addition, quality pool coping will ensure that your pool is stylish and visually appealing. With a quality pool coping installation, you can also ensure that your swimming pool will remain in terrific shape for many years to come. A company offering pool coping in Orange County can provide you with all of the information you need about this type of service.

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  • Creating a Pool Design Checklist

    The hot summer days are here, and now is a terrific time to schedule pool service in Orange County . If you are concerned that your pool will not meet your needs for comfort or recreation this summer, you may want to consider planning a pool remodeling project. A company offering pool installation and pool tiling near you can help you renovate your dated pool into the

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    backyard oasis of your dreams. Your pool design professional can help you choose the pool coping and features that will allow your pool to really stand out. To help you get started on your pool renovations, here are some factors to consider when you are creating a pool design checklist.

    Create an Inspiration Folder
    When you are planning a pool remodel for your backyard, it is a great idea to gain inspiration from outside sources. For example, you may want to create a folder that contains pictures and other forms of inspiration for your brand new pool. As you are gathering new pool ideas, you may also want to talk to relatives and neighbors about their pool designs.

    Form a Wish List
    Before you sit down with your pool designers, you should also be sure to write down a wish list of all of the features and accessories that you want to include in your pool remodel. This list can include special features, such as fountains or lighting, and can also list practical additions, such as new pool coping. With this wish list in your hands, you will be ready to begin the renovation process.

    Evaluate Your Backyard Layout
    As you are redesigning your pool, you may want to consider whether your current pool design takes full advantage of your backyard space. By adjusting the layout of your pool, you may be able to access new backyard views or enhance the privacy of your pool deck. After you have created your pool design checklist , you will be ready to dive into your pool renovations.

  • Quick Tips for Pool Safety

    During your pool installation, you should be sure to choose water features and pool finishing features that enhance the safety of your pool. After your pool installation is complete, you will need to make sure that children are properly supervised when they use the pool. There are several steps that you can take to keep kids safe in and around the pool. Make sure that children always have adult supervision, and that your pool area is guarded by a designated pool watcher. If your pool is in need of maintenance this summer, you should be sure to contact a company offering pool repair near Orange County . For a look at some quick pool safety tips, be sure to watch this video from Pool Safely.

  • Choosing the Right Underwater Lighting for Your Pool

    Whether you are planning a new pool construction, or are getting ready for pool renovations, you will have many factors to consider. From your pool tile to your additional water features , choosing the right pool finishing options will ensure that your new pool fully meets your expectations. A company offering pool installation in Orange County can assist you throughout the design and installation process. One of the most essential choices that you will make for your pool design is your pool lighting. If you are designing a new pool, read on for tips on choosing the right swimming pool lighting.

    Research Your Fittings
    When you are renovating an existing pool, the types of lights that you choose will be dependant on your

    Swimming Pool Lighting in Orange County

    existing fittings. To ensure that you select the right lights for your swimming pool , you should be sure to do your research on your existing fittings. While some swimming pools are equipped to handle LED lights, others must be fitted with traditional lights.

    Consider Energy Efficiency
    As you are shopping for new pool lights, you should be sure to consider the energy efficiency of your pool. By selecting an eco-friendly lighting design, you can help to cut back on your energy bills, while also reducing the carbon footprint of your pool. To get the best energy-saving performance from your new pool lighting, you should be sure to consider LED lights. These lights are incredibly versatile, and can boost the efficiency of your pool considerably.

    Select Durable Caging
    In order to allow your pool lights to operate underwater, your lighting system will be equipped with waterproof caging. To achieve the best lifespan from your pool lights, you should be sure to select a durable caging option that also comes equipped with waterproof gaskets. For the best lifespan and performance, you may want to consider stainless steel caging. This swimming pool lighting material will last much longer than plastic caging.

  • Create Your Dream Pool With These Built-In Features

    During the custom pool installation process, you will have the ability to customize your swimming pool to meet your specific wants and needs. From water features to built-ins, the sky is the limit when it comes to custom pool finishing options. When you work with your swimming pool contractor offering Orange County swimming pools, you may want to discuss your options for built-in features. Some examples of built-in water features include a grotto or cave, and a sunbathing or Baja shelf. To enhance your options for play and activities in your pool, you may also want to consider a built-in chair or table. As you are planning your pool coping design, you may also want to consider adding a beach entry. These terrific features will all add unique flair to your swimming pool design, and will allow you and your family to enjoy your pool for many summer seasons to come.

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  • Creating a Layout for Your Pool Deck

    The summer season has just arrived, and now is a terrific time to consider upgrading your pool coping or pool tiling so that you can get the most out of your pool area during the warmest days of the year. By planning a pool finishing and remodeling project , you can ensure that the layout and appearance of your pool is very inviting to your family and guests. One of the most popular pool design projects is creating a new layout for the pool deck. A company offering Pool Finishing and Remodeling in Orange County pool installation in Orange County can help you create a beautiful new deck for your pool. Read on for some tips for creating a brand new layout for your pool deck.

    Consider Your View
    When you are installing a new pool deck , you may want to consider how you can take advantage of any terrific views that are available on your property. For example, if your property has a mountain or ocean view, you may want to position your pool deck so that you have access to the scenery. In addition, you may want to consider whether your pool deck will be visible from your house.

    Evaluate Privacy
    Since your pool deck is a place where you will want to kick back and relax, you should also be sure that your new pool deck design offers the best level of privacy. Your new pool deck should be sheltered from your neighbor’s house, as well as from the street. With a private pool deck, you will be able to take full advantage of your pool.

    Choose Quality Materials
    As you are creating a layout for your pool deck, you should also consider the types of materials that are available for your construction. For a modern appearance to your pool, you may want to create a pool deck that is made out of sleek natural tile. Other popular pool deck materials include concrete and plaster. The pool deck material that you choose may affect the design and layout options that are available for your installation.