Choosing the Right Underwater Lighting for Your Pool

Whether you are planning a new pool construction, or are getting ready for pool renovations, you will have many factors to consider. From your pool tile to your additional water features , choosing the right pool finishing options will ensure that your new pool fully meets your expectations. A company offering pool installation in Orange County can assist you throughout the design and installation process. One of the most essential choices that you will make for your pool design is your pool lighting. If you are designing a new pool, read on for tips on choosing the right swimming pool lighting.

Research Your Fittings
When you are renovating an existing pool, the types of lights that you choose will be dependant on your

Swimming Pool Lighting in Orange County

existing fittings. To ensure that you select the right lights for your swimming pool , you should be sure to do your research on your existing fittings. While some swimming pools are equipped to handle LED lights, others must be fitted with traditional lights.

Consider Energy Efficiency
As you are shopping for new pool lights, you should be sure to consider the energy efficiency of your pool. By selecting an eco-friendly lighting design, you can help to cut back on your energy bills, while also reducing the carbon footprint of your pool. To get the best energy-saving performance from your new pool lighting, you should be sure to consider LED lights. These lights are incredibly versatile, and can boost the efficiency of your pool considerably.

Select Durable Caging
In order to allow your pool lights to operate underwater, your lighting system will be equipped with waterproof caging. To achieve the best lifespan from your pool lights, you should be sure to select a durable caging option that also comes equipped with waterproof gaskets. For the best lifespan and performance, you may want to consider stainless steel caging. This swimming pool lighting material will last much longer than plastic caging.

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