• The Process of Installing Pool Coping

    When you are embarking on a major pool renovation or installation project, you will need to plan a new pool coping installation with your Orange County pool remodeling contractor. If you are satisfied with the look and feel of your current pool, you may want to choose a pool coping installation that does not disturb your current pool tile. As your contractors are installing your new swimming pool coping, they can work with precision to preserve your existing pool tile as they pour brand new concrete.

    A company that specializes in pool masonry will ensure that your pool coping project is completed to perfection. For a look at the step-by-step process of installing new coping in an existing swimming pool, check out this video from Newcastle Pictures.

  • What Is Pool Coping?

    When you are completing a pool installation in your backyard, pool coping is among the important factors that you will need to consider. As the primary seal between your pool walls and swimming pool deck, coping is vital to the structural integrity of your pool. As you are shopping for a pool service in Orange County , make sure to choose a contractor that specializes in swimming pool coping and pool design. If you are getting ready for a pool renovation or installation in Orange County, read on for a closer look at the importance of coping for your pool. Pool Service in Orange County

    The Function of Coping
    Along with your pool walls and deck, pool coping is among the most important features of your swimming pool. Pool coping is designed to cap off the wall of your swimming pool, and provide a transition from the pool walls to your pool deck. The look and feel of your swimming pool coping can be tailored to the design and style of your pool.

    Swimming Pool Coping Materials
    When you are planning a new coping installation, you will have several different types of coping materials to choose from. Poured concrete coping can be used to create a custom coping design for your swimming pool area. If you are seeking a rustic and artisanal look for your swimming pool, you may want to explore your natural stone coping options. For pool owners who are on a budget, cast concrete is also an affordable and durable option.

    How Coping Is Installed
    The swimming pool coping installation process is relatively simple. When coping is installed along the edges of a swimming pool wall, it will be attached to the surface of the pool using a substance called a bond breaker. This foamy material is rolled out and then fixed to the coping with nails or strong glue. To ensure that your coping is properly installed, work with coping installation professionals in the Orange County area.

  • The Essentials of Pool Deck Safety

    If you are the parent of young children, it is important to make sure that you include safety features during your pool installation . The pool deck can be one of the most hazardous areas of a pool design. If a child slips or falls on the pool deck, he or she could be at risk of falling into the pool and drowning. To ensure the safety of your decking, there are several pool finish projects that you can perform.

    First, you can choose to upgrade your current pool deck surface with high traction concrete. In addition, you can block off water features using safety gates or barriers. To achieve the highest level of safety from your swimming pool installation, you may also choose to install motion detectors, which will tell you if a child has gone into the swimming pool area. With help from a company offering pool finishing in Orange County, you can ensure that your pool deck is safe for your entire family.

    Pool Installation in Orange County

  • Understanding the Types of Pool Coping

    Pool coping is an essential feature of any pool installation. During a pool installation, coping is responsible for forming a seal between the pool walls and the surrounding deck. Whether you are preparing for a brand new swimming pool installation or planning a pool re-plastering project, you will need to make sure that your pool coping is in proper

    Pool Coping in Orange County

    condition. By working with a company offering pool coping in Orange County , you can choose the best material for the style and shape of your pool. To help you get started on your installation, here is a look at some of the main types of pool coping.

    Poured Concrete
    Poured concrete is a popular choice for many swimming pool installations. When you design your swimming pool with poured concrete coping , the edges of your deck and swimming pool walls will create one seamless transition. If you are seeking a sleek, elegant, and modern look for your new swimming pool, you may want to choose poured concrete as your coping material.

    Natural Stone
    For those homeowners who are seeking the durability and stunning good looks of stone, natural stone coping is an excellent option. When you choose natural stone coping, you will have a choice of many different types of materials. For example, granite and limestone can both be crafted into beautiful coping designs. As you are planning this type of coping installation, make sure that all of the stone slabs are the same thickness.

    Precast Concrete
    If you are seeking an affordable and attractive option for your swimming pool coping, you may want to consider precast concrete. Unlike poured concrete, which is crafted specifically for your pool, precast concrete comes already prepared. For this reason, precast concrete is a budget-friendly coping alternative. To ensure that you get the most out of your coping installation, work with a highly rated swimming pool contractor in Orange County.

  • What Does Pool Coping Look Like?

    Pool coping is a term that describes the barrier between your pool walls and the surrounding pool deck. Over time, swimming pool coping can crack or become unattached from the wall. If this occurs, a pool replastering company will need to cut away the existing pool tiling or deck. Once space has been created on the decking, your contractors can go to work and pour brand new coping for your swimming pool.

    If you are in need of a new pool coping installation, be sure to get in touch with a highly rated company offering pool repair and remodeling services in Orange County . To take a closer look at what pool coping looks like and how it can be repaired, check out this helpful video.

  • Top Reasons to Renovate Your Pool

    Summer has arrives, and now is a terrific time to consider renovating your pool . From updating your pool coping to installing new and exciting pool water features, there are many great ways to improve your pool design. By working with a company that specializes in pool remodeling in Orange County, you will be able to transform your current pool into the stunning oasis of your dreams. Your pool installation professional will be able to answer all of your questions about the pool design process. Read on for some of the top reasons why you may want to renovate your swimming pool.

    Repair Damaged Areas
    One of the best reasons to renovate your pool is to repair any areas that may have become damaged or broken over

    Pool Renovations in Orange County

    the months and seasons. Over the years, your pool coping and other structural features may become cracked. Any cracks or areas of structural damage could result in a major water leak in your pool. When you renovate your pool, you can rest assured that these problems have been addressed.

    Change Pool Appearance
    Another great reason to renovate your swimming pool is to update the appearance of your pool and pool deck. For example, if you update the exterior of your home without remodeling your pool, the two areas could create a visual clash. By changing the appearance of your pool, you can create a seamless transition between your pool and the rest of your property.

    Add Fun Features
    During the summer months, nothing beats the feeling of heading out to your pool to relax and swim with your friends and family. To make your pool more inviting, you may want to consider adding fun water features during your pool renovation. For example, some popular water features include waterfalls, fountains, and even slides. Your pool renovation expert can help you choose the right features for your newly remodeled pool.

  • Caring for Swimming Pool Plaster

    Pool replastering is a great way to improve the style and durability of your existing swimming pool. If you have recently added new plaster to your pool finish, there are several steps that you can take to keep your pool replastering looking its best.

    Immediately after your Orange County swimming pool contractor installs new plastering in your swimming pool, you will want to clean the sides of your pool with a nylon brush. The bristles on the nylon brush will ensure that the plaster achieves a durable finish, and will also prevent minerals from building up on the sides of your pool. Along with brushing your plaster after the initial installation, you will also want to make sure that your pool chemistry is balanced at all times. Imbalanced pool water can cause damage to the plaster’s surface. To learn more about the advantages of installing new pool plaster, be sure to contact a company offering pool tile and pool coping in Orange County.

    Pool Replastering in Orange County

  • Landscaping Ideas for Your Pool

    When you embark on a pool remodeling project for your home, you will have many factors to consider. From pool coping to your water features and more, every element of your pool should be in perfect harmony. While it may be tempting to focus on your pool tile and hardscaping elements alone, the landscaping around your pool is also an important feature to consider. A company specializing in refinishing and pool replastering near Orange County can help you choose all of the elements that will go into your newly redesigned pool. Let’s take a closer look at some terrific landscaping ideas that you may want to incorporate into your pool design. Pool Remodeling in Orange County

    Select Plants Carefully
    When you are planning a landscape design for your pool area , it is important to choose your plants carefully. Trees and bushes that shed their leaves throughout the year could clog and litter your pool area. By avoiding plants that are heavy shedders, you can ensure that your pool water is clean, clear, and free of debris.

    Create Shady Spots
    While it may be tempting to soak in the sun when you are enjoying your pool, you may also want to make sure that your pool deck has plenty of shade throughout the day. When the outdoor temperatures heat up, having shade around your pool will transform your pool into an inviting oasis. Larger trees and other leafy plantings are a great choice for a shady landscape design.

    Extend Your Design Theme
    Your pool landscaping can serve as an attractive extension to the overall design theme of your swimming pool. For example, if you are creating a Spanish or Mediterranean style pool, you may want to choose succulents and other plantings in this style. By working with a company that creates quality pool designs in Orange County, you can ensure that your landscaping creates an attractive border around your newly remodeled pool.