Caring for Swimming Pool Plaster

Pool replastering is a great way to improve the style and durability of your existing swimming pool. If you have recently added new plaster to your pool finish, there are several steps that you can take to keep your pool replastering looking its best.

Immediately after your Orange County swimming pool contractor installs new plastering in your swimming pool, you will want to clean the sides of your pool with a nylon brush. The bristles on the nylon brush will ensure that the plaster achieves a durable finish, and will also prevent minerals from building up on the sides of your pool. Along with brushing your plaster after the initial installation, you will also want to make sure that your pool chemistry is balanced at all times. Imbalanced pool water can cause damage to the plaster’s surface. To learn more about the advantages of installing new pool plaster, be sure to contact a company offering pool tile and pool coping in Orange County.

Pool Replastering in Orange County

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