Pool Coping 101

Swimming pool coping uses stone or concrete to cap the pool wall. Pool coping covers the pool’s concrete edges, conceals the steel projecting from the pool’s walls, prevents water from getting behind the shell of the pool, and integrates the pool finish and pool tile. If you’re looking into pool coping in Orange County , keep reading for some

Pool Coping in Orange County

helpful facts.

The Purpose of Pool Coping
Professional pool coping protects your pool deck from water damage and makes the pool deck a safer place. Pool

coping causes water that is splashed out of the pool to flow away from the pool and into deck drains. This creates a non-skid surface that makes the pool decking much safer for anyone walking around the pool or diving into it. Swimming pool coping also provides a handhold for swimmers, allowing them to get out of the pool safely, or hold onto the side of the pool if they need a rest. This reduces the risk of pool accidents.

Materials Used for Pool Coping
Pool coping is available in a variety of materials depending upon your needs and pool design. You can ask your swimming pool contractor or pool remodeler to use natural stone, such as flagstone or limestone, for your pool coping. Natural stone creates a smooth, warm look for your swimming pool and pool deck. Pool coping is also available in poured concrete. Concrete creates a clean, simple aesthetic, which is perfect for a no-frills swimming pool. The most popular material used for pool coping is precast concrete. This material is very affordable, and is available in a variety of textures and styles.

Pool Coping Installation
Only a professional pool installation company or swimming pool contractor should perform pool coping installation. This ensures that the pool coping is installed safely and correctly. Concrete pool coping will be poured into molds that are placed around the edges of the pool. Stone pool coping and precast concrete coping is already cut into the desired shape, and is attached with mortar to the pool and pool deck.

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