Preparing for Your Swimming Pool Remodel

If you’re planning a swimming pool remodel in Orange County , there are certain steps you can take to ensure that the process is as successful and stress-free as possible. Pool remodeling can increase the resale value of your home, and allows you to upgrade certain pool features to make the pool more comfortable and beautiful. A swimming pool remodeling company or swimming pool contractor can upgrade your pool finish, pool coping, pool tile, and overall pool design. Here are the best ways to prepare for your swimming pool remodel.

Before Pool Remodeling Begins
Before pool remodeling begins, you should clear your pool deck of any furniture, plants, umbrellas, and pool toys. Pool Remodel in Orange County Disable any water features in or around the pool, such as fountains or waterfalls. Ensure that all pets and children are unable to enter the pool area at any time during your pool remodel. Close your home’s windows to prevent dust from entering your home during the pool remodeling process. Inform your neighbors of your plans, so that they know to expect a certain amount of dust and noise.

During Your Pool Remodel
Prior to beginning your pool remodel, your swimming pool contractor or remodeler will drain your pool and hot tub thoroughly. They then prepare the pool’s interior surface by cleaning pool tiles, chipping out the old pool finish or pool tiling, and power washing the pool’s interior. The pool remodeling can then begin. Your remodelers will first work on the area outside the pool, like the pool deck. This may include re-plumbing the pool, remodeling your pool deck, installing new equipment, and installing water features. They will then begin the interior of your pool remodel, installing new pool finishing, pool coping, and pool tiling.

After Your Pool Remodel
After your pool remodel is completed, your pool remodeling company should return to acid wash the interior of your pool. Your pool can then be refilled. You should not enter the pool until it is completely full. Pets should be prevented from entering for at least two days to ensure they don’t damage the surfacing.

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