Spotlight on Pool Deck Materials

If your planning a pool remodeling project or new pool construction in Orange County , you’ll want to install pool decking that matches the overall aesthetic of your pool. Pool decking is available in many different styles and materials. Here is a simple guide to the most popular pool decking materials available from pool remodeling companies and swimming pool contractors.

You should choose your decking material based upon how much traffic your pool deck will receive, your budget, the surrounding landscape, and how much time you want to devote to maintenance. Concrete is the most affordable and low-maintenance option for decking. Decorative concrete comes in many different shapes, size, colors, and treatment options.

Natural stone, such as flagstone and pavers, is perfect for an elegant, sophisticated look, and is available in different types, colors, and finishes. It does require regular maintenance and upkeep, however. Brick and wood can also be used for pool decking, but both are subject to extreme damage due to weather and traffic, and would need to be replaced frequently.

New Pool Construction in Orange County

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