Tips for Redesigning Your Pool Deck

If you’re considering pool remodeling in Orange County , you should plan on redesigning your pool deck. Whether you want to increase the resale value of your home, or create a beautiful, spacious patio near your pool, a swimming pool contractor or pool remodeling service can design the perfect pool deck for your needs. Here are some tips for redesigning your pool deck as part of your pool remodeling project.

Create Recreational Space
A pool deck is a great place for people to congregate and mingle during a

Pool Remodeling in Orange County

barbeque or pool party. When planning your pool remodel, ask your swimming pool contractor to design a pool deck large enough for a patio area in which you can put tables, chairs, and chaise lounges. This affords guests and family a nice place to sunbathe, eat, drink, and talk. You can even set up a barbeque grill or fire pit on the pool deck to create a more ambient space. This recreational space can be separated from your swimming pool by a low wall, recessed space, or via landscaping.

Consider the View
When deciding how to redesign your pool deck, consider which view will be the most striking for your family and guests. While your natural inclination may be to redesign the pool deck so that the house is at your back, the view beyond the pool may not be ideal. If you have a beautifully landscaped yard or garden, place the deck so that you have a view of the landscape rather than the house or a neighbor’s yard. Pool remodeling allows you to redesign your deck to face the optimal and most scenic view.

Maintain Privacy
If you and your family like to sunbathe, you’ll want to maintain your privacy while using the pool and pool deck. Ask your swimming pool contractor how to best redesign your pool deck to ensure maximum privacy from neighbors. You can utilize potted plants, landscaping elements, decorative screens, and low walls to maintain privacy.

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