• Top Reasons to Make the Switch to LED Pool Lights

    Swimming pool remodeling is the perfect time to make the switch to LED pool lighting. LED pool lighting can be used in and out of the pool. This lighting is perfect for pool decks, landscaping around the pool, and to illuminate the pool’s interior. LED lighting in Orange County has become one of the most popular features of new pool construction and pool remodeling. Keep reading to find out the top reasons to make the switch to LED pool lighting.

    LED Lighting in Orange County

    LED Pool Lights Will Save You Money
    LED pool lighting may cost more up front than traditional bulbs, but they’re a great investment. LED lights are up to 85% more efficient than traditional bulbs, meaning that they won’t have to be replaced as often. Some LED pool lights can last up to 50,000 hours without needing to be replaced, so you’ll save a lot of money overall on maintenance costs. Because they are so energy efficient, you’ll also save money on your electricity bill over time.

    LED Pool Lighting is Eco-Friendly
    LED pool lighting creates much more reduced carbon emissions than traditional bulbs. They are also free of toxic chemicals, and are 100% recyclable, conserving the earth’s natural resources, and decreasing the demand for new materials. Because they require far less energy throughout the year than traditional bulbs, they also conserve energy. The manufacturing process in which LED pool lighting is created uses far less energy and has far fewer harmful emissions that the production of traditional pool lights. This decreases pollutants and protects the environment.

    LED Pool Lighting Increases Safety
    Because LED pool lights last for such a long time, they provide uninterrupted illumination of dark areas in or around the pool. This will help keep your family and guests safe if they use the pool area at night. LED pool lighting is also not as hot as traditional bulbs, which decreases the likelihood of sustaining burns due to contact with the bulbs. Additionally, LED bulbs do not break as easily as traditional bulbs, which also increases safety.