• Enhance Your Swimming Pool with These Unique Water Features

    Whether you like it or not, your swimming pool is the focal point of your entire backyard. If your pool is rather plain, you might want to consider livening it up with a remodeling project. Replastering and retiling can make your old swimming pool look like new, and the addition of certain water features can give your pool a more striking aesthetic. Talk with your Orange County swimming pool contractor about enhancing your swimming pool with these unique water features.

    Rain Curtain
    If you have a cabana near your pool, extend the roof and pillars so you can install a rain curtain. Also known as a sheer descent, a rain curtain produces a fine wall of water. Rain curtains are extremely refreshing during the warmer months.

    Natural Stone Waterfall
    Depending on the landscape design around your pool, a natural stone waterfall can help to create a relaxing backyard oasis. Your pool contractor can help you design a natural stone formation that achieves beautiful and dramatic vertical drops.

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    Poolside Baja Step
    The Baja step is known by a number of other names, including the reef-step, the sun-shelf, and the tanning ledge. Whatever you call it, a Baja step provides a beach-like entry into your pool. Combined with other beachy elements, a poolside Baja step will help transform your backyard into a tropical getaway.

    Swim-Up Bar
    If you do a lot of entertaining, a swim-up bar is a must. Underwater barstools and a beautiful natural stone countertop provide true relaxation and the ultimate luxury touch. Combine cooking appliances behind the bar and you can serve full meals to your swimmers.

    Twisting Pool Slide
    Nothing says summer pool fun like a twisting pool slide. Even if you don’t have children, a pool slide is great fun for adults of all ages. Your Orange County pool contractor can help you design a fun pool slide and attractive landscape to match.

  • Incorporating Custom Mosaics in Your Pool Design

    If you want to give your swimming pool a unique touch, incorporate a custom porcelain or ceramic tile mosaic. The possibilities for your custom mosaic are endless, and the only limits are your imagination. The most common ways to incorporate mosaics in your pool design are by placing mosaics on large, flat areas of the pool floor or walls. A Baja step is another great place for custom mosaics, since swimmers will be able to enjoy the mosaic design as they enter the pool.

    Your Orange County swimming pool contractor can help you design and incorporate a custom tile mosaic in your pool design. If you have an existing pool, retiling is the best time to have a custom tile mosaic installed in your swimming pool.

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  • Picking the Right Lighting for Your New Pool

    When you are installing a new pool in your Orange County home, one of your most important decisions will be deciding what kind of lighting you will need. Oliveira Pool Plastering provides first-class pool installation in Orange County , and we can help you pick out the ideal lighting for your new backyard pool. Here are some of the different types of lights that are available:

    Halogen lights. Often found in older pools, halogen lights are a cost-effective choice of lighting that can be installed in any type of pool. However, they are not available in as many colors as LED and fiber optic lights, and they are not as energy-efficient.

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    Fiber optic lights. These lights use optical fibers for highly precise lighting. Since they are available in a number of different colors and can be placed virtually anywhere, fiber optic lights are one of the most diverse and popular choices for pool lighting. They are also very easy to replace. However, fiber optic pool lighting does tend to be more expensive to install than LED pool lighting, and the lights do not last as long.

    LED lights. One of the most energy-efficient choices available today—they use approximately 80 percent less energy than traditional halogen lights— LED lights have become the most popular choice of lighting for 21 st century homeowners. They are available in a diverse range of colors, are cost-effective, and are good for the environment. In addition, LED lights have a lifespan of about 15 years, so you should not need to replace them for a long time.

    Whatever type of pool lighting you opt for, your swimming pool contractor can help you decide on the perfect design for your home pool. With the right type of lighting, your new swimming pool can provide you, your family, and your friends with recreational pleasure for many years to come.

  • Tips for Choosing a Swimming Pool Construction Company

    Swimming pool construction is big business in Orange County, and there are dozens of pool construction companies to choose from. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean every pool contractor is as good as the next. Considering how big of an investment your new swimming pool is, you need to take your time in selecting the swimming pool construction company for the job. The following tips should help you narrow down the best pool contractors in Orange County and choose the one that’s right for you.

    Verify the Contractor’s License
    In California, any contracting job (including swimming pool construction) that costs $500 or more must be performed by a contractor who holds a current and valid contractor’s license. For swimming pool construction, the contractor must be licensed as a swimming pool specialty contractor. Before giving any pool construction company or contractor any money, verify the license and make sure that it is current and active. Swimming Pool Construction Orange County

    Get Referrals and References
    Ask your friends, family, and neighbors for referrals. You may also get referrals from trade associations or a swimming pool and spa association in Orange County. Once you have a list of referrals, ask each swimming pool construction company or contractor for references, preferably one current and one completed. When you call to talk with the reference about the job, ask how the project was handled and how satisfied they are with the company who built or is currently building their swimming pool.

    Request a Free Estimate
    Once you’ve identified the best swimming pool construction companies in Orange County , request a free estimate on your pool project. If the company doesn’t offer free estimates, ask them if the cost of the estimate will be applied to the construction of the swimming pool. But before you pay for an estimate, schedule a free, no-cost estimate with a company like Oliveira Pool Plastering to get a ballpark idea of what the project will cost.

  • The Steps of Designing Your New Swimming Pool

    A swimming pool is a big investment, not to mention a big part of your backyard landscape. Indeed, swimming pools often serve as the focal point of most backyards, which means you should take extra care when designing your custom swimming pool. Once the design is set and the plans are in place with your Orange County swimming pool contractor , it can be difficult (and expensive) to change your mind, so use this article as a guide as you start to design the custom swimming pool you’ve always wanted.

    Start an Inspiration Folder
    When remodeling your home, one of the first things your interior designer or contractor will ask is to see pictures of room designs that you like. This same concept works for swimming pool designs , as well. A picture folder will give you and your swimming pool contractor a better idea of which features and materials are preferred, as well as the size and shape of the pool itself.

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    Create a Wish List
    After you’ve compiled a decent amount of pictures, look over them and write down every feature that you wish your swimming pool could have. Don’t worry about costs at this point, as this is simply a way for you to brainstorm features you like best. Once your wish list is complete, you can go through and eliminate items that won’t work because of the size of your pool or your budget.

    Make a Hose Layout
    A hose layout is a simple way to get a feel for how much space your swimming pool will take up and how different shapes and layouts will work with your current landscape. Drag and place your longest gardening hoses on the ground in the area where your pool will be, creating a layout of how your pool will look. Take pictures of what works and what doesn’t to show to your swimming pool installation company.

  • Getting to Know Oliveira Pool Plastering, Inc.

    Since 1976, Oliveira Pool Plastering has been one of the most trusted swimming pool installation and replastering companies in Orange County. George Oliveira, the company’s founder, is a long-standing member of the National Plasterers Board, which allows Oliveira Pool Plastering to offer the experience and confidence you desire when it comes to a major home improvement project such as installing a new pool.

    Oliveira Pool Plastering uses only the highest-quality swimming pool plaster, along with a stunning array of beautiful National Pool Tile and Portobello Pool Tile products. The pool design experts at Oliveira Pool Plastering will work with you all the way to ensure that you get the swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of with minimal hassles and without going over budget.

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