• A Look at the Advantages of Swimming Pool Automation

    At Oliveira Pool Plastering, we offer quality pool automation systems in Orange County . Our pool automation systems make it easier to adjust your pool’s features and lighting, and even perform diagnostics. To learn more about the benefits of switching to swimming pool automation, read this article.

    Swimming Pool Automation Orlando

    Simplified Construction
    Pool installation companies are finding that automated pool systems are very easy to implement, and because many pool projects feature a spa and deck design, centralizing control is becoming essential. Being able to run the wiring to one board saves both time and energy. A wireless pool automation system , in particular, is the easier type to install. It mitigates a great deal of wiring problems because don’t have to worry about running wires to the spa or into the house.

    Remote Monitoring
    Automatic reporting and remote access make it much easier for pool technicians to diagnose and fix problems without having to visit the swimming pool site, which greatly reduces the time and money involved in pool repair. Some of the latest automated systems come with cameras and uploadable applications, which make it easy for pool repair experts to problem solve. Automated systems also greatly reduce the possibility of human error.

    Improved Energy Efficiency
    The cost of electricity and water is increasing throughout the country. This is why pool builders and other experts believe this is an excellent time to take advantage of swimming pool automation systems that are linked to a variable-speed pump. In fact, switching to a pool automation and variable-speed pump system can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. The pool automation system lets you save energy by programming your pump for what you need, rather than letting the system run for a full time frame.

    Save Time
    Customers want automated systems because they save a great deal of time. With the price of self-managing pool automation systems decreasing, more customers than ever are switching. This allows homeowners to adjust the lights and water features from inside the home.