• Understanding How Gas-Fired Pool Heaters Work

    One of the most popular systems for heating swimming pools is the gas-fired pool heater. As the pump inside the heater circulates the pool’s water, the water drawn from the pool passes through a filter and then to the heating element. The heated water is then returned to the pool, providing comfortable swimming conditions all year round. Gas pool heaters are most efficient when heating pools for short periods of time, and are ideal for quickly heating pools. And unlike heat pump and solar pool heaters, gas heaters can maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather climate.

    If you are having a new swimming pool installed, talk to your Orange County pool contractor about your swimming pool heating options. A swimming pool heater isn’t necessarily a requirement, but it will help you get the most enjoyment out of your pool throughout the year.

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  • Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

    Southern California isn’t exactly a winter wonderland, but cooler temperatures do limit the temptation of using your swimming pool. To make sure that your swimming pool is ready for use when spring and summer roll in, you need to take steps to close your pool during the winter season. Add winterizing chemicals, backwash the filter, and blow out the return jets and skimmers to properly close your swimming pool. Watch this video for more tips on winterizing and closing your swimming pool for the off-season.

    If you have big plans for your swimming pool, now is the perfect time to call a pool remodeling company in Orange County. Planning your pool remodeling project early will allow you to show off your beautiful new swimming pool when warm weather returns to Southern California. And if you need help winterizing your pool, your swimming pool service provider can help.

  • Reasons to Choose a Jandy Pool Heater

    If you’ve decided to have a swimming pool installed, you have numerous choices and a lot of decisions you need to make regarding your pool’s features and options. LED pool lighting and a glass tile shell will certainly enhance the aesthetics of your swimming pool, but a pool heater will allow you to enjoy your watery retreat all year long. And if you want the best pool heater, we recommend you consider a Jandy.

    Jandy water heaters are highly efficient, which means lower operating costs and greater energy savings. A user-friendly backlit display and a simplified menu allows for ease of operation, especially when combined with other pool and spa automation systems. These water heaters also feature fan-assisted combustion and hot surface ignition systems for maximum performance in all weather conditions.

    Your Orange County pool builder can help you select the best components for your swimming pool. Ask your pool contractor specifically for more information about Jandy pool heaters.

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