• A Look at Pool Repair Services

    Swimming pools must be regularly and professionally maintained and repaired to ensure the safety of their users, and the longevity of the pool. A professional pool repair service near Orange County is an affordable, effective way to maintain the beauty and functionality of your swimming pool. Here’s a look at some of the pool repair services available to you.

    A professional swimming pool repair service will fix rust and rebar stains in your swimming pool and on your pool decking. They can also fix cracked decking, cracked pool tiles, damaged or broken LED pool lighting, and damaged or broken swimming pool coping. Damage to the interior of the pool or your decking may subject your family or guests to injury. Broken pool lighting increases the risk of a pool accident at night, and damaged pool coping can allow water to build up on your decking, resulting in a slip and fall.

    Professional swimming pool repair services can also offer pool replastering, pool plaster care, pool servicing, and tile cleaning. All of these maintenance services will keep your pool safe and looking its best for your family and guests.

    Pool Repair Service Near Orange County

  • Maintenance Tips for Your Pool Coping

    If you are seeking a durable and attractive pool finish option, you may want to consider pool coping. When you choose pool coping during your pool installation, you can rest assured that your pool edges will remain in fantastic condition for many years to come. Swimming pool coping can be constructed from a variety of materials, including limestone, travertine, and more. A company specializing in pool replastering near Orange County can help you select the best pool coping material for your swimming pool. To help your coping last longer, there are several maintenance steps that you can follow. Here is a look at some essential maintenance tips to help you keep your pool coping in great shape.

    Pool Coping in Orange County

    Apply Sealant
    One of the best ways to maintain your pool coping is to apply a water-based sealant to your coping immediately after installation. A water-based sealant will provide an additional protective layer to your swimming pool edges, and will prevent staining and other appearance issues. With a breathable sealer, you can also rest assured that your coping will be fully resistant to shifting, cracks, and other problems.

    Clean Regularly
    In order to keep your pool coping in terrific shape, it is also a good idea to clean the surface of your coping on a routine basis. There are several cleaning procedures that are particularly important for preserving your coping. For example, during the fall months, you should make sure to sweep away dead leaves and other types of debris. In addition, a pH neutral cleaning product should be used on the surface of your coping.

    Check for Cracks
    Occasionally, swimming pool coping can develop tiny cracks or other maintenance issues. Cracking can be particularly prevalent when you open your pool for the start of the summer season. By checking for cracks, you will be able to schedule swimming pool repairs, before significant water damage can occur. Your swimming pool maintenance technician will be able to fully seal and repair any cracks or other forms of damage.

  • The Importance of High-Quality Pool Coping

    Pool coping is an essential part of the pool installation process. This material is used to create a safe and functional edge to your swimming pool. When you are planning on installing pool coping, you should be sure to choose a highly rated swimming pool contractor that offers the best swimming pool coping materials. There are several reasons why high-quality pool coping is of the utmost importance for your pool installation. Since pool coping creates the edging between your pool deck and your pool, it can enhance the safety of your pool area. In addition, quality pool coping will ensure that your pool is stylish and visually appealing. With a quality pool coping installation, you can also ensure that your swimming pool will remain in terrific shape for many years to come. A company offering pool coping in Orange County can provide you with all of the information you need about this type of service.

    Pool Coping in Orange County

  • Cleaning Swimming Pool Skimmer Baskets

    Pool maintenance used to be a daily chore. Today, skimmer baskets help keep your pool clean from debris without all the backbreaking labor. To make sure that your skimmer basket continues to keep your pool clean, you’ll need to inspect the skimmer once per week and empty as necessary. This video shows you how easy it is to clean your swimming pool skimmer basket and keep your pool looking great.

    If a dirty skimmer is the least of your worries, a pool remodel may be in order. Contact a swimming pool contractor in Orange County to learn how you can transform the look and feel of your existing pool with new coping, LED lighting, pool water features, interior finishing, and other upgrades.

  • Removing Hard Water Stains from Pool Tiles

    Hard water stains on your pool tiles can be embarrassing. These stains appear as a cloudy white residue caused from large amounts of minerals in the water, such as calcium and magnesium. The good news is that you can remove these stains with the chemicals you already use in your pool. If while cleaning the tiles you notice surface cracks or rust stains, contact a swimming pool contractor in Orange County for professional pool service .

    Make Your Cleaning Mixture
    To remove hard water stains, you will need to make a diluted muriatic acid mixture. Working outside and wearing rubber gloves and eye protection, slowly pour eight ounces of muriatic acid into a plastic bucket filled with one gallon of water. Stir the mixture slowly with an old plastic spoon. Any materials that come into contact with muriatic acid (measuring cup, spoon, plastic bucket) should be labeled for use in the future for muriatic acid only.

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    Spray and Scrub
    Next, fill a plastic spray bottle with the muriatic acid and water mixture. Spray the pool tiles with the muriatic acid mixture and use a nonabrasive scouring pad to remove the hard water stains. Even though you use muriatic acid in your pool to help maintain the water’s chemical balance, you are still working with a diluted acid and therefore should never attempt to clean the tiles from inside the pool.

    Test Your Pool Water
    After the pool tiles are clean, contact your local municipality to learn how to properly dispose of the acid. You should also contact a pool service provider in Orange County to test your pool water to determine the minerals present and recommend chemicals to avoid hard water stains in the future. A pool contractor can also tell you how to dispose of acid, as they should be familiar with your municipality’s regulations.

  • How to Winterize Your Swimming Pool

    Orange County might not be a winter wonderland, but the days and nights are much cooler these days than they are during the spring and summer. Unless you have a heated swimming pool, you will need to think about closing your pool until the weather warms up. Winterizing your pool protects it from damage and also makes your work easier when the time comes to re-open your swimming pool in the spring. Here are a few tips from a pool contractor in Orange County on winterizing your swimming pool and closing it until spring.

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    Test and Adjust Pool Water
    Starting the winter with the proper chemicals helps protect your pool from hard water buildup and corrosion. Test the water’s pH, calcium hardness, chlorine, and total alkalinity levels and adjust as necessary. You should also add a shock product as an extra form of protection against scale, corrosion, and algae. If you don’t have a water testing kit, pick one up from your local pool supply store or hire a pool contractor to perform the service for you.

    Clean and Store Pool Equipment
    After your final water tests and adjustments are complete, rinse off any removable pool equipment and store in your shed or garage. Cartridge filters and diatomaceous earth grids should be flushed thoroughly with a garden hose to remove contaminants before the pump is turned off.

    Schedule Pool Repairs
    If you notice cracks, leaks, or rust stains while closing down your pool, schedule repairs with a pool contractor in Orange County before closing down your pool for good. Winter is the slow season for pool contractors, so your repairs will be completed much more quickly than trying to schedule pool service in spring or summer. Taking care of repairs now will also allow you to enjoy your pool as soon as the weather warms up again instead of waiting for repairs and wasting the early days of spring and summer.

  • Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

    Southern California isn’t exactly a winter wonderland, but cooler temperatures do limit the temptation of using your swimming pool. To make sure that your swimming pool is ready for use when spring and summer roll in, you need to take steps to close your pool during the winter season. Add winterizing chemicals, backwash the filter, and blow out the return jets and skimmers to properly close your swimming pool. Watch this video for more tips on winterizing and closing your swimming pool for the off-season.

    If you have big plans for your swimming pool, now is the perfect time to call a pool remodeling company in Orange County. Planning your pool remodeling project early will allow you to show off your beautiful new swimming pool when warm weather returns to Southern California. And if you need help winterizing your pool, your swimming pool service provider can help.

  • Energy-Saving Tips for Your New Pool

    Recent years have seen a more conscious effort from homeowners to reduce energy use in order to protect the environment and save money. These efforts have often been applied to swimming pools in Orange County . Read on for a few energy-saving tips for your new swimming pool.

    When it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your swimming pool, a large portion of the cost goes into heating. However, this does not have to be the case. Although there are various options to choose from, some methods of heating your pool can substantially reduce your energy use. One excellent example of this is solar heating. If your home is positioned in a favorable spot, you can actually heat your pool using solar power alone. Individuals who choose to use electric resistance instead should refrain from setting their thermostats to a higher temperature until they are just about to use their pool; this cuts down on the waste of heating a pool that no one is using.

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    Although water may be displaced from diving or aggressive swimming, the most significant cause of water loss is evaporation. This problem is easily addressed; whether you have an indoor pool or an outdoor pool, make use of a pool cover. Pool covers can effectively reduce the rate of water loss due to evaporation, which is especially important if you heat your pool using electric resistance. Pool covers can also limit the workload of the filtration system by protecting the water from insects, leaves, and other debris that may fall into the pool.

    In order to make sure that your pool is safe for you and your family to enjoy, you must make sure the water is clean. You can do this by using a filtration system. Like many other high efficiency appliances, high efficiency filters make the most of the energy they consume and eventually pay for themselves.

    Using solar heaters, pool covers, and high efficiency filtration systems, maintaining a comfortable pool temperature at a reasonable price can be easy. Consider these energy-saving tips to help you reduce your environmental impact .

  • Staying Safe When You Clean Your Pool

    Swimming pool maintenance is something that every pool owner should learn how to do. Taking care of your own pool will save you money and make you more knowledgeable about how your pool works. However, there are some steps you need to take to stay safe while cleaning your swimming pool. For instance, before you attempt to inspect the pool filter, bleed the pressure in the system to prevent injury. You should also wear slip-resistant shoes or sandals when working around the pool, as slip and fall injuries are common on wet pool tile and decking.

    If pool maintenance was never important to you in the past, your swimming pool may show it. Fortunately, a swimming pool replastering company in Orange County can have your pool looking and feeling like new in no time! Contact a swimming pool contractor in your area to learn more about your replastering and remodeling options.

  • Tips for Caring for Your Swimming Pool Plaster

    Pool Plaster Orange County

    Knowing how to care for your new pool plaster will ensure years of use and long lasting beauty. After the pool is filled, the main objectives of plaster care are to balance pH, total alkalinity and hardness levels, and to remove the plaster scale created by fresh plaster and water. Ask your pool construction contractor in Orange County for specific advice regarding pool chemistry. A basic swimming pool cleaning kit (extendable pole, nylon brush, skimmer net, vacuum hose, brush-style vacuum head, etc.) will also help you preserve the cosmetic appearance of the plaster.

    Whether you are having a brand-new swimming pool installed or your old swimming pool is being replastered, your Orange County pool contractor can give you more specific tips and advice for keeping your pool looking and performing great for many years to come.