• Choosing Pool Tile

    If you’re embarking on a pool remodeling project, new pool construction, or pool redesign in Orange County , you’ll need to select pool finishing material, swimming pool coping, and pool tiling. A swimming pool contractor or pool remodeling expert can help you choose the perfect pool tiling for your needs.

    Watch this video for some tips on choosing pool tile. You’ll learn about the different types, styles, colors, and designs of pool tiling available, and the advantages of each. The right pool tiling can contribute to the overall beauty and aesthetic of your pool design.

  • Top Reasons to Make the Switch to LED Pool Lights

    Swimming pool remodeling is the perfect time to make the switch to LED pool lighting. LED pool lighting can be used in and out of the pool. This lighting is perfect for pool decks, landscaping around the pool, and to illuminate the pool’s interior. LED lighting in Orange County has become one of the most popular features of new pool construction and pool remodeling. Keep reading to find out the top reasons to make the switch to LED pool lighting.

    LED Lighting in Orange County

    LED Pool Lights Will Save You Money
    LED pool lighting may cost more up front than traditional bulbs, but they’re a great investment. LED lights are up to 85% more efficient than traditional bulbs, meaning that they won’t have to be replaced as often. Some LED pool lights can last up to 50,000 hours without needing to be replaced, so you’ll save a lot of money overall on maintenance costs. Because they are so energy efficient, you’ll also save money on your electricity bill over time.

    LED Pool Lighting is Eco-Friendly
    LED pool lighting creates much more reduced carbon emissions than traditional bulbs. They are also free of toxic chemicals, and are 100% recyclable, conserving the earth’s natural resources, and decreasing the demand for new materials. Because they require far less energy throughout the year than traditional bulbs, they also conserve energy. The manufacturing process in which LED pool lighting is created uses far less energy and has far fewer harmful emissions that the production of traditional pool lights. This decreases pollutants and protects the environment.

    LED Pool Lighting Increases Safety
    Because LED pool lights last for such a long time, they provide uninterrupted illumination of dark areas in or around the pool. This will help keep your family and guests safe if they use the pool area at night. LED pool lighting is also not as hot as traditional bulbs, which decreases the likelihood of sustaining burns due to contact with the bulbs. Additionally, LED bulbs do not break as easily as traditional bulbs, which also increases safety.

  • Preparing for Your Swimming Pool Remodel

    If you’re planning a swimming pool remodel in Orange County , there are certain steps you can take to ensure that the process is as successful and stress-free as possible. Pool remodeling can increase the resale value of your home, and allows you to upgrade certain pool features to make the pool more comfortable and beautiful. A swimming pool remodeling company or swimming pool contractor can upgrade your pool finish, pool coping, pool tile, and overall pool design. Here are the best ways to prepare for your swimming pool remodel.

    Before Pool Remodeling Begins
    Before pool remodeling begins, you should clear your pool deck of any furniture, plants, umbrellas, and pool toys. Pool Remodel in Orange County Disable any water features in or around the pool, such as fountains or waterfalls. Ensure that all pets and children are unable to enter the pool area at any time during your pool remodel. Close your home’s windows to prevent dust from entering your home during the pool remodeling process. Inform your neighbors of your plans, so that they know to expect a certain amount of dust and noise.

    During Your Pool Remodel
    Prior to beginning your pool remodel, your swimming pool contractor or remodeler will drain your pool and hot tub thoroughly. They then prepare the pool’s interior surface by cleaning pool tiles, chipping out the old pool finish or pool tiling, and power washing the pool’s interior. The pool remodeling can then begin. Your remodelers will first work on the area outside the pool, like the pool deck. This may include re-plumbing the pool, remodeling your pool deck, installing new equipment, and installing water features. They will then begin the interior of your pool remodel, installing new pool finishing, pool coping, and pool tiling.

    After Your Pool Remodel
    After your pool remodel is completed, your pool remodeling company should return to acid wash the interior of your pool. Your pool can then be refilled. You should not enter the pool until it is completely full. Pets should be prevented from entering for at least two days to ensure they don’t damage the surfacing.

  • Tips for Redesigning Your Pool Deck

    If you’re considering pool remodeling in Orange County , you should plan on redesigning your pool deck. Whether you want to increase the resale value of your home, or create a beautiful, spacious patio near your pool, a swimming pool contractor or pool remodeling service can design the perfect pool deck for your needs. Here are some tips for redesigning your pool deck as part of your pool remodeling project.

    Create Recreational Space
    A pool deck is a great place for people to congregate and mingle during a

    Pool Remodeling in Orange County

    barbeque or pool party. When planning your pool remodel, ask your swimming pool contractor to design a pool deck large enough for a patio area in which you can put tables, chairs, and chaise lounges. This affords guests and family a nice place to sunbathe, eat, drink, and talk. You can even set up a barbeque grill or fire pit on the pool deck to create a more ambient space. This recreational space can be separated from your swimming pool by a low wall, recessed space, or via landscaping.

    Consider the View
    When deciding how to redesign your pool deck, consider which view will be the most striking for your family and guests. While your natural inclination may be to redesign the pool deck so that the house is at your back, the view beyond the pool may not be ideal. If you have a beautifully landscaped yard or garden, place the deck so that you have a view of the landscape rather than the house or a neighbor’s yard. Pool remodeling allows you to redesign your deck to face the optimal and most scenic view.

    Maintain Privacy
    If you and your family like to sunbathe, you’ll want to maintain your privacy while using the pool and pool deck. Ask your swimming pool contractor how to best redesign your pool deck to ensure maximum privacy from neighbors. You can utilize potted plants, landscaping elements, decorative screens, and low walls to maintain privacy.

  • A Look at a Pool Remodel

    Is your pool coping in Orange County looking a little dull these days? Is your decking a shadow of what it used to be? A pool remodel can liven up your pool area in exactly the way you need it to. Whether you need a partial remodel or a full overhaul, a renovation can help you enjoy your pool the way you did when it was brand new. Watch this video clip for a look at a pool remodel.

    If you and your family have not been getting much use out of your pool lately, you may want to consider a remodel. This can bring the excitement and aesthetic appeal back and motivate you to make the most of your investment. Whether you need new coping, new tiling, or a remodeling of your entire pool, it pays to find a professional remodeling company and bring your pool back to life.

  • What Are Some Popular Water Features?

    Whether you are adding a new pool installation in Orange County or adding on to your existing swimming pool design, water features can make for an excellent choice. There are many features to choose from including fountains, deck jets, and waterfalls. Some water features are geared towards aesthetic appeal, some are intended to improve the entertainment factor, and the others tackle both. Continue reading if you are interested in a quick look at some of the most popular water features.

    There are many ways to enjoy your pool: You might see your pool as an opportunity to have fun with your family, or you may enjoy relaxing poolside on your deck. Regardless of how you use your pool, water features can enhance your experience. Many pool owners like to install waterfalls because of their simplicity and instant benefits. You can spend some time relaxing and getting lost in the mesmerizing cascade of water and enjoy the sounds it makes. Those who like to get the most out of their swimming pools from a hands-on angle might enjoy waterslides. These slides offer a burst of speed that helps when your kids cannot possibly wait any longer to dive in and start swimming.

    Pool Water Features in Orange County

  • Answers to Your Questions About Swimming Pool Renovations

    You may remember the day of your initial pool installation in Orange County fondly and want to enjoy your pool the way you did on that day. Fortunately you can hire a company that specializes in renovating swimming pools to make your pool more appealing than it ever has been before. If you are interested in the prospect of a pool renovation and would like to find out what the process entails, read on for the answers to your questions about swimming pool renovations.

    How Can I Find a Qualified Renovation Company?
    Renovating your pool is not something you can or should be doing on your own. You will have to find a quality pool Pool Installations in Orange County renovation company with plenty of experience and know-how to make sure your project comes out perfectly. You can find a qualified renovation company in a number of different ways. Consider starting by identifying friends and family in the immediate area who have recently had their pool renovated. Ask them if they enjoyed their service, and find out who they went with. You can also search the Internet for local renovation companies in your area and visit their websites to get an idea of what their services are like.

    When Should I Have it Done?
    There is a time and place for everything, and the time to get your swimming pool renovated is during the fall or winter . The thought may not cross your mind until spring or summer, but you will also want to use your pool during these warmer months. Additionally, pool services tend to be booked throughout the summer for this reason. Have your pool renovated during the fall or winter while the high-quality pool renovation companies are free to offer you their services.

    What Should I Expect?
    You can expect the timetable of your pool renovation to depend on the amount of work that you would like to be done. You should also expect there to be a bit of a mess throughout the procedure; there will be dust in the air, power tools in use, and conversations constantly happening in your backyard.

  • Top Pool Resurfacing Ideas

    When you initially decided to have a pool installation in Orange County, you may have considered your choice in decking a perfect complement to the main event. However, people tend to change their minds over time and are often stuck with their decisions. Fortunately you are not stuck with your outdated pool deck; if you are unhappy with your current situation, you can have a professional pool resurfacing company help you achieve the look you want. Read on for a preview of some of the top pool resurfacing ideas.

    A change of heart is not the only thing that might have you wondering what you can do about your pool surface. Old decks might shift and crack over time, which causes them to lose some of their aesthetic appeal and possibly create safety concerns. This is exactly the type of deck that you will want to resurface. Pool resurfacing companies can help you revitalize the appearance and practicality of your deck by covering it with an overlay. Resurfacing will allow you to add new colors to your deck, or you could alternatively use it to emulate other materials. Consider using an overlay product that resists damage from pool chemicals and temperature fluctuations.

    Pool Installation in Orange County

  • Redesigning Your Pool? Read On For Some Pool Deck Ideas

    If your pool no longer offers the aesthetic boost that it did when you first bought it, it may be time for some Orange County pool remodeling . Water features, pool tiling, and new decking can all revitalize your pool and allow it to capture your gaze once again. When it comes to planning a new deck, however, it is important to ensure that it is safe and practical as well as cosmetically pleasing. If you are redesigning your pool, read on for a few helpful pool deck ideas.

    Your initial pool design may not have been as conducive to safety as you would have liked. Fortunately you can address this shortcoming with your deck redesign. Pavers are an excellent choice for those who live with children. As often as Pool Remodeling in Orange County you might tell your kids not to run near the pool, it is important to make sure that they do not slip if they do. Pavers offer a non-slip quality that can keep your family safe and your focus on relaxation. This type of pool decking is also known for its durability as the ease with which it can be repaired. Pavers are a great choice if safety is one of your primary concerns.

    Like pavers, tile pool decks can also provide a surface with enough grip to keep children from slipping and injuring themselves. This type of decking material can also offer the aesthetic appeal that may have motivated you to redesign your pool in the first place. There is plenty that you can do with tile when it comes to customization; you can mix and match tiles, use different colors, and create unique designs on your pool deck.

    Colored Concrete
    Certain types of concrete can allow you to enjoy your dream pool deck at an affordable price. Colored concrete, which is also known as decorative concrete, affords you countless choices in colors, styles, and designs. You can replicate the look of other pool deck materials or let your imagination run wild and see what you can come up with. Colored concrete is also durable and safe.

  • What Is Pool Coping?

    When you are completing a pool installation in your backyard, pool coping is among the important factors that you will need to consider. As the primary seal between your pool walls and swimming pool deck, coping is vital to the structural integrity of your pool. As you are shopping for a pool service in Orange County , make sure to choose a contractor that specializes in swimming pool coping and pool design. If you are getting ready for a pool renovation or installation in Orange County, read on for a closer look at the importance of coping for your pool. Pool Service in Orange County

    The Function of Coping
    Along with your pool walls and deck, pool coping is among the most important features of your swimming pool. Pool coping is designed to cap off the wall of your swimming pool, and provide a transition from the pool walls to your pool deck. The look and feel of your swimming pool coping can be tailored to the design and style of your pool.

    Swimming Pool Coping Materials
    When you are planning a new coping installation, you will have several different types of coping materials to choose from. Poured concrete coping can be used to create a custom coping design for your swimming pool area. If you are seeking a rustic and artisanal look for your swimming pool, you may want to explore your natural stone coping options. For pool owners who are on a budget, cast concrete is also an affordable and durable option.

    How Coping Is Installed
    The swimming pool coping installation process is relatively simple. When coping is installed along the edges of a swimming pool wall, it will be attached to the surface of the pool using a substance called a bond breaker. This foamy material is rolled out and then fixed to the coping with nails or strong glue. To ensure that your coping is properly installed, work with coping installation professionals in the Orange County area.