Pool Tile in Orange County

Pool tile is a popular finish for Orange County swimming pools. Tile is both versatile and durable—with proper care, your pool tile will last throughout the entire lifetime of your pool and home. Oliveira Pool Plastering, Inc. offers comprehensive pool service to help you maintain or upgrade your pool in Orange County, including pool tiling, pool repair, and pool remodeling.

Choosing the Right Pool Tile

Whether you are getting ready for new pool construction or planning a pool remodeling project, your choice of pool tile is an important one. The look of your tile will influence the style of your pool, helping this feature to blend with your home and backyard to create a beautiful and seamless whole.

  • Solid color pool tile is a popular choice, giving your pool a cohesive, simple, yet elegant look that is ideal if you want your pool to blend in well with the other features of your yard, hardscape, and decking. Pools with dark bottoms or neutral colors throughout have a natural look that is often appealing and easy to combine with elements such as landscaping and pool water features.
  • Mosaic tiles are another popular pool tile choice. These tiles can be used to create large or small images throughout your pool’s basin, as well as repeating patterns to enhance the look of your pool. Mosaic pool tiles are a wonderful way to highlight your pool as the main feature of your property.

Three Signs You Need Tile Cleaning

Over time, your pool tiles are subjected to various factors that cause buildup, diminishing the appearance of your pool. Regular pool tile cleaning can restore the beautiful look of your tile to enhance your pool’s overall appeal.

  1. Dirt and other debris in your water can affect your pool tiles over time. This buildup is most often noticeable on light-colored grout lines between your tiles, which may appear dingy or darkened over time.
  2. Calcium deposits often build up on pool tiles near the water’s surface. You can spot these deposits as a white substance along the waterline of your pool, often easily visible because it falls in the middle portion of your tiles.
  3. If your pool tile feels rough or slimy to the touch, it could be due to dirt, debris, or even algae buildup on the tiles. Pool tile cleaning can remove this buildup for smooth, clean tile and a healthier swimming pool.

In addition to pool tiling and pool remodeling in Orange County, Oliveira Pool Plastering, Inc. also offers pool repair and pool tile cleaning services to keep your pool looking its best. You can reach us by phone at (562) 690-2272 to discuss pool service in Orange County.

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