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Services We Offer at Oliveira Pools

If you are in need of new pool construction or pool remodeling, you can benefit from the services that we offer at Oliveira Pools. We also offer assistance with new pool construction, pool remodeling, pool servicing, and pool resplastering.

pool in backyard

New Pool Build

Welcome to the new center piece of your backyard. Our team will work with you to design a pool that is inspired by your family and made to last for generations.

two girls splashing in pool

Pool Remodels

Re-design your existing pool or spa to create an updated an custom build oasis. From new tile and decking to adding new equipment and feature, our process is designed to work with your existing pool and space.

New Pool Construction & Pool Remodeling Definitions

Following are some definitions that can help you develop a stronger understanding of the new pool construction and pool remodeling services we offer in Southern California:

Required on commercial and public swimming pools, an assist rail is a handrail at the entry steps in the shallow end of the pool or spa. One style extends out over the water for residential pools, one style goes down into the water to the last step for commercial pools.

To stick or adhere to the underlying surface.

Apply to the pools structure after sandblasting to provide a uniform surface for replastering.

Required on commercial and public pools deeper than five feet, a belly band is a row of non-slip tile, installed across the floor where the shallow end stops and the slope to the deep end begins.

An illegal, unsafe, electrical connection under the pool deck where power connects to pool lights.

Plaster coming off the pool’s underlying structure.

For commercial and public pools, depth markers are required in the waterline tile and sanded non-slip tiles on the deck.

Used with wall steps in the deep end, these are a pair of metal handrails installed in the swimming pool deck and extending over the water to help swimmers exit the pool.

A type of concrete used to build the structure of the pool.

Tool that shuts down an electrical circuit when wet.

Above ground receptacle for power connection from power source to pool light.

A white cement and crushed lime product that cures underwater, holds the water in the swimming pool and is a smooth maintainable surface.

Dark brown or black stains, usually circular in shape, caused by water coming in contact with steel in the concrete structure.

Continuous strip of small tiles set on the top edge of steps and benches in pool plaster.

Used with grab rails, these are footholds cut into the pool wall in the deep end to be used as an exit.

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When you speak with a member of our team, we can discuss the financing options we have available. Contact us at 562-567-8555 at your earliest convenience.

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