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Pool Coping Basics

Pool coping acts as a cap for the shell of your pool, connecting your swimming pool to the patio or decking around it. The swimming pool coping you choose plays a role in the interface between your pool and the surrounding landscape, creating the outline of your pool and helping it to blend with the other features of your yard. In addition to pool installation, pool finishing, and pool replastering near Orange County, Oliveira Pool Plastering, Inc. can also help you choose, install, or replace your pool coping for an updated look.

paver pool coping

Selecting Your Swimming Pool Coping

The best coping for your pool should meet not only your functional needs, but also contribute to the overall image you want to achieve for your pool.

  • Pool coping can act like the frame of a painting, highlighting the space within to bring your pool front and center. To achieve this effect, choose coping in a different material, design, or style as your pool’s interior and the surrounding decking to help your pool stand out against this background.
  • Alternatively, pool coping can help your pool blend more seamlessly with the decking or hardscape around it. Coping that matches your pool’s surroundings and interior can create a nearly invisible transition, causing your pool to look like a natural continuation of your yard and landscaping.
  • Regardless of the look you want to achieve, your pool coping should be made from a material that provides some traction for added safety, especially if you have young children. Coping should also have enough surface area to take the brunt of splashes, which will protect your pool decking or landscaping from excess pool water.

Pool Coping Installation

The steps involved in pool coping installation depend upon the type of coping you choose. Concrete pool coping is poured into molds set up along the edge of your pool, which allow the concrete to harden into the shape you want as it dries. Alternatively, precast concrete that is already cut into the shape you want can be installed like bricks along your pool’s edge using mortar. Stone coping is installed just like precast concrete coping; each piece is laid out and cut to the desired shape, then attached to your pool and decking with mortar. In each case, expansion joints are incorporated to allow the deck to move without affecting your pool’s integrity.

Would you like to learn more about pool coping, pool finishing, and decking in Orange County? You can reach a swimming pool contractor with Oliveira Pool Plastering, Inc. by phone at 562-567-8555 for more ideas, inspiration, or a pool service estimate.

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