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Interior Pool Finishing in Orange County

Pool finish refers to the type of material that makes up the visible interior of your swimming pool. The most popular pool finishing options are pool tile, plaster, and pebble finish. At Oliveira Pool Plastering, Inc., our Orange County pool finishing experts can help you choose the right interior finishing material for your pool to create the look you want for your property.

little boy jumping in pool

The Basics of Pool Plaster

Plaster remains the most popular pool finish across the nation for many reasons. The plaster application process is simple and takes only a few hours to complete on a new pool; replastering an existing pool during a pool remodel takes only a few days from start to finish.

  • Plaster is typically the least expensive pool finishing option, making it extremely cost-effective if you have a limited budget or a large pool.
  • Pool plaster is available in a wide variety of colors, lending personality and life to your pool and your yard.
  • White pool plaster should last between five and seven years before replastering is necessary. Colored plasters may last longer, but can be easily refinished when the color begins to fade.
  • Quartz additives can increase plaster lifetime by over ten years and add a reflective finish to your pool plaster, giving your pool a more elegant and luxurious look.

Customizing Your Pool Finish

A custom pool design helps to meld your swimming pool perfectly with your preferences to create the perfect backyard environment. Combining pool finishing materials can give your pool a unique appearance, while also lowering the cost of your pool finish and lending added functionality and safety to your pool. If you have questions about Orange County pool finishing, you can reach Oliveira Pool Plastering, Inc. at 562-567-8555 to find out more about swimming pool installation and pool remodeling.

Slip Resistance

Using slip-resistant materials on or near steps and shallow areas, such as pebble finish, can complement the plaster or tile finish in deeper parts of your pool, where slipping isn’t a concern.

Cosmetic Appeal

Pool tile can be used to highlight certain areas of your pool or add cosmetic appeal to its overall appearance. Consider using tile to outline steps for added visibility, or install a tile border around your pool, water features, or spa areas for added aesthetics.

Tile Mosaics

Tile mosaics have been used for thousands of years to create unique works of art. Because glass tiles are typically more expensive than other tile materials, surrounding a central glass tile mosaic with porcelain or ceramic tile can help you stay on budget while enjoying the personalized luxury appeal of a pool mosaic.

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