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Orange County & South Los Angeles County Pool Replastering

If you have noticed that your pool’s surface is not as smooth as it once was, you may be in need of the replastering services that we offer at Oliveira Pools. It is natural for your pool’s finish to become worn over the years.

pool in backyard

Signs Your Pool Needs Replastering

Some of the signs your pool may require replastering include:

  • Sandpaper Feeling
  • Snagged Bathing Suits
  • Banged-Up Toes
  • Scraped Elbows

Does Your California Pool Need Replastering?

Our Orange County and South Los Angeles County pool remodeling specialists can handle your issue. We have thousands of materials that you can choose from when you are pursuing the replastering of your pool. On our team is a founding member of the National Plasterers Council, and you can trust in the services that we provide from our family owned and operated pool company. Contact us today at 562-567-8555 for the quality service you deserve.

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